Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art Blog: Living Life As ART

I have spoken before about atree3. Her YouTube channel is full of wonderful videos about her life and thoughts. I am constantly inspired by her words and images. This morning, I watched her current video “Questions”. In it she speaks about being misunderstood. She mentions one of her past videos “Doing what you want” which was a response to one of my whiney comments. After seeing this video about how our lives are the way we WANT them to be (or else we wouldn’t be doing it), I was reminded of some grand lessons. With my tail between my legs, I made her a response video thanking her for her wise words. Also, I set to work harder to change my life around. She was right. I totally agree. We do things because there is some kind of pay off or we wouldn’t do them. Also, if you don’t like something CHANGE IT! Readers of this blog know I am working toward that now.

So this morning’s video filled my eyes and ears with more things to think about. She speaks on her reactions to being misunderstood. I relate to that wholeheartedly. However, I also understand it when she explains people react with the tools they have. We are all in different places and stages of life. As we grow and change, our perceptions change too.
The most remarkable thing she says in the beginning of the video is that she does not consider herself an artist. Instead, she likes to think she “lives her life as ART”.
What a wonderful concept!
This is why I love paying attention to her.
She wakes me UP!

I could not embed atree3’s “Questions” video on this blog. However, you can click the picture to go to the video page. This current video is brilliant and is filled with wisdom. It is well worth the watch!


artistsjournal said...

I love this woman. Thanks for sharing her wisdom again.

Sheree Rensel said...

I love her too. I think I love her so much because I see myself becoming her. That isn't such a bad thing! We should all be so lucky, brilliant, and bright.

This Brazen Teacher said...



I SAY that in my class. I DO! I DO!

THANK YOU for posting this. Made my whole damn day. :-)


Sheree Rensel said...

Oh Braz,
You will have to take some time to watch some of atree3's videos. You would love her. She is a kick ass, take no prisoners kind of person too. I am sure you would love her! I am glad this made your day! :-)