Monday, September 15, 2008


Creative energy takes on many forms. I was reminded of this during the past week of feverish energy being spent on applying for jobs. Sometimes I get into these creative zones. They are almost spooky. I can work all night long for hours on end. I am totally focused. I shun sleep. I am wired. This happens when I do my art. However, it also happens when I am doing other creative things. My point is that we sometimes discount the many manifestations of our own creative energies. For example, I haven’t painted in weeks. I feel a bit sad about that. However despite the lack of moving the brush around, I have been creative every day! How so? Well, I use the same type of energy when I do a multitude of things. When I am making videos, I use my creative energy and spirit. When I plan my teaching lessons, I am trying to be new and innovative. When I am applying for jobs, I am making my application so unique, it cannot be ignored.
This Saturday, I spent 16 hours on the computer doing job applications. While applying for higher education jobs, it is very easy to spend that much time dealing with application packets. Every college and university wants something just a little different. Also, it is important to make sure each application packet is tailored to the direct needs of the institution for which you are applying. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Consequently, it is very easy to spend hours and hours on each application. Easy.
I am like a woman possessed. After getting up at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning and shutting down my computer at midnight of the same day, I realized I had been experiencing a type of creative fervor similar to when I work on a series of my art. It is a wonderful feeling. You lose track of time. When you finally fall in a heap due to exhaustion, you awake the next morning with the realization that good work was done the previous day.
All this time and effort is worth it to me. I just finished polishing off another packet. I am going to have my name all over the place in academic circles. I am hoping just one person sees my stuff and says “She is the one to hire!”
Oh geesh. I just hope!!!!!

I AM CLAIMING IT! I am claiming my future as an artist / educator. No matter how long it takes, I WILL be
I will.

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