Saturday, September 6, 2008

Art Blog: The DREAM

Speaking of dreams and waking up, it is very interesting I had one of THOSE dreams this week. You know the kind. It is so real and vivid, it seems like it really happened. Also, these special dreams always have psychological implications that spook you. I take dreams with a grain of salt. I realize they are just a rehash of my waking moments. Our minds play funny tricks through dreams as they reinterpret our past, present, and future. However, the last time I had one of these super intense dreams was just before I moved to Florida. It that dream, I was in the bottom of a deep, dry well. I would look up and could see only a round hole of light above my head. I kept clawing at the dirt sides trying to climb up to the light. I woke up before I succeeded. That morning I did a drawing of this image. I can’t find this sketch right now or I would show it to you.
This dream was so significant to me because I was in a very desperate time in my life. I didn’t have a job and I was scraping by financially. I started to do day work, just to get some bucks. The temporary agency would call me and I would report to this or that place for a day of work. A few days after the dream, I was told to go to this factory. It was dark, dank, and just awful. As I packed boxes of wigets, through teary eyes I looked straight up overhead. There was one, round skylight with light streaming through it. I was living my dream.
The dream I had this week was just as haunting. I was standing on a cliff. My toes were over the edge. As I looked out into the canyon below, it wasn’t clear what was there. A white mist covered everything. I couldn’t make out what was there. I just kept looking down at my feet, then out at the fog. I have plenty of interpretations for this dream. Ha! I am just wondering if it will express itself in a real life situation. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………….

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