Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art Blog: FOCUS

“On that which you focus will come to fruition”
The Wizzle

This has been one of my mantras for years. I know this to be so true. If I really focus, think, and do to promote a cause, things happen. They just do. When I wrote about my job panic the other day, I just let “Dee-troit Sheree” handle it. I stepped back and let her roll. Oh my goodness, what a difference a few days makes.

Yes. Applications flew. My entire computer room is “Job Central” I made a list. Not only did I make a list of desirable activities to complete in a timely manner, but I also made a timeline that records my job applications status. It is kind of cool. I can now look at the jobs for which I have applied and where I am at in the process. If the application is just out there, it is “completed”. If I have received a results correspondence, it is “rejected”. If I haven’t finished the entire application process, it is designated “in progress”. I need this. I can visualize where I stand. Also, I can see my energy exemplified in a simple list of job hunting activities. I can see I am not a slacker.
This is a life process. Even if you aren’t trying to find a job, you can apply a lot of my words to whatever you want to change. For example, a few years ago I was upset because I wanted to be in more exhibitions. I set up a “command center”. I put up index cards all over my wall which stated each show I had entered or applied for each month. Since this was my FOCUS, I was in more shows during that time period than ever. YEP!
Right now my focus is creating a new life. It is coming. I can see it. I will be teaching in a college classroom sooner or later. I am prepared to be patient. I am willing to do the work.
I am smiling because I know it is on its way.
FOCUS. It works every time!

When I was going through college student work examples, I came across this pic. Yes, she needs to work on the technicalities of the figure, but this self portrait made me laugh then and now. That is a sign of great art. I have an emotive response and it expresses what I am feeling now. Good job!


dryadart said...

wizzle, visiting your blog always makes me feel so energised, there is always something fresh and honest and interesting here, I wanted to thank you for that, and I am going to try your tip and get some show applications flying... thanks for being you, you make a difference in my life!

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! I am so glad you (or anybody) gets something positive out of my thoughts and actions.
You should really try this. I mean, it really works. For my exhibition "command" center, I was super strategic. I would gather up calls for entries, decide which to enter, and just go, go, go! I didn't look back either. Even if I was rejected, it didn't matter as much because I had two or three shows waiting in the wings. I kept index cards on my wall showing shows entered, shows rejected, and shows in which work had been shipped. It was amazing to see my wall chart grow.
Right now, I am taking an exhibition breather. I need to find a job first. Then, I will get back to showing. I will do this same "command center" idea again.
Try it!

Dryadart said...

wow! I am feeling completely overwhelmed by your energy level, just reading your blog makes me want to nap... in my own defense I have to say that I have a re-occurring back injury that is giving me hell right now, but still, wow! again... I need to get work! Like you I want to be a full time college professor, instead of a lowly adjunct although that's OK, but my exhibition record is pretty small and local, so I am branching out and trying to go national! I probably won't be at the massive application process for a few more years, two kids to get through high school before I can think about moving. But again, thanks for blogging, and being so honest, and being you, you motivate me to get up off my butt and DO SOMETHING!!!

Sheree Rensel said...

When it is your time, you will know it. It so funny because I see how all this is coming together for me. Also, I see how different things have happened recently and the puzzle pieces are fitting together. Who knows, I might still be applying of jobs a year from now. It is very competitive. However, I am not even bothering with adjunct positions. Been there, done that. It is just too unstable and thankless. I am realizing now is the time meant for me to do this BIG TIME. I have 4 fantastic application packets out there. I am working on my fifth right now and have two more sitting here waiting in line. Once you start doing them, each packet gets better and better. I might not get a job immediately, but I know for sure those departments are going to at LEAST notice me. (I have one secret recipe. If it works, I will fill you in later. LOL) I am putting 1000% effort into each application. This way, I will know for sure I did my part. If I get hired HOORAY. If not, it wasn't something I did wrong.

I am in a different place than you. My kid is grown and gone now. I can do and go wherever I want. I am free as a bird; I am looking for a place to land.
You will know when it is time.
You will!

dryadart said...

Thanks, in the meantime I am living vicariously through you, and I started a wall of applications for exhibitions... I am making a unique little "art"-i-fact to send out, more about that on my blog... thanks for the inspiration, especially today when less than half my class showed up for the first critique... oh how I wish I could make them understand how hard they will have to work!!!