Saturday, September 13, 2008

Art Blog: IT IS MY TIME!

I cannot describe how much I want a college teaching job. It is almost beyond words. This is what I had always set out to become. As soon as I began my university coursework, that was my PLAN. I was going to be Sheree the Artist/Professor. Well, you have heard the saying “We make plans and God laughs!” Well, I truly don’t believe God is laughing right now. I just can’t believe that. I just can’t. I want this so bad every part of my body aches with desire. God knows this.

I was speaking with one of my current colleagues yesterday and trying to explain why I am working so hard to make this happen. It is so ironic because I never, ever wanted to be an “art teacher” in a school system. However, life happens. I took the job for all the appropriate, sensible, rational reasons. It was secure. The job came with benefits. I had a history of being a good teacher. Also, finally my daughter had health insurance. At the time I signed on the contract dotted line, I was happy and sad all at the same time. I felt like I had gone against my own life desires. Yet, I did what was best for my daughter and me at the time.

When I was talking to my friend yesterday, I told her that the past years have been good to me, but I always felt sad and longed for my true profession. I explained “IT IS MY TIME NOW.” My daughter is grown. I have no other family obligations. I live to work. I have many fabulous years ahead of me. I can go and do anything I want to do. I am super, duper qualified to teach at the higher education level. I am cranking out job applications like they are burning my fingers. In fact, I keep hearing Dr. Phil’s voice saying “If you want a full time job, you have to work full time looking for that job!” Well, I am doing that. I was up at 6:00 AM typing away.
This is all I can do. I can reach out and put my credentials out there. The rest is up to the Universe. Please God. This is not funny anymore. Tell my angels to get to work on this. Please.

This is one of my favorite songs. I thought of it this morning when I got up to work on my job applications. I have lots of ANGELS.
I am calling them ALL right now!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sheree,
I believe you will have that Rolls Royce of jobs quicker than you will be ready for it.

I believe you should be thanking the great universe right now for bringing you this dream job you are seeking to share with College students.

For we expect only the best from our teachers at the College level, and many college instructors just take from us students rather than inspire and give us. There is always that soft quiet secret objective a new College prof has to show to his or her boss. Many teachers loose themselves in achieving these qualifications and forget about the most important thing... the student.

May all your angels continue to bless you with the things only a very few people on earth are blessed with... what you have always had your freedom to choose.

Your amigo,

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you Jesse,
I agree with everything you said.