Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art Blog: It’s Happening

I had a wonderful day at work today. Most of my students are working on self portraits. One group is working on a Rap video. I am teaching them how to use the video camera and how to edit video using Moviemaker. They composed a rap song. They typed it out on using WORD and I helped them edit the verses. It is kind of cool. These are kids who will easily tell you where to go. They have been very civil to me so far this year. I have stuff they want, so they treat me pretty good. One called me "Little Mamma" today. I said, "No, that is going too far!" LOL LOL

I got home and was greeted by an email from a university in Tennessee. It was just a nice correspondence telling me my application was received. I sat there and stared at it. I realized this is really happening. I have polished off four, full application packets. The fifth is about to be mailed. Certain jobs I want more than others. However, I am not going there. I am letting things run the course. It is as if I am standing in front of a huge wall with a map of the USA printed on it. I am throwing darts wherever I see a full time college teaching job. I am going for it! The email I received today was proof. I am really doing this, FINALLY.

I have been working so fast and furiously on these applications, I can’t remember where I have applied. Thank goodness for my job applications timeline I made. It sits right here to remind me what is out, when the review period begins, and when the job starts. For fun, I just made another visual. I got a map of the USA and put a star on each state I have applied for a job. I will add more stars with each completed application. This might seem silly or juvenile. However, I am a visual person. I like to SEE things.

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