Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art Blog: My WANT

So I have spoken about designing a life. I think about this every day. I ask myself "What do you WANT Sheree?", everyday. I think BIG too. Shoot! If you are going to dream, why not dream for the ultimate! Some might dream of big houses, expensive cars, or other monetary bonanzas. My dream is very different.
I own an old Georgia O’Keefe book that has a picture of Georgia standing alone on a sand dune in New Mexico. I cannot include that pic here because the book is at work. However, you can picture it in your mind. Her frail, tiny body stands dark against a grey background of mounting sand. She is alone.
That is my dream. I would LOVE to find a little spot on earth away from everyone and live the rest of my life making art. Being totally alone sounds glorious to me. I could go years without speaking to anyone. Yes, I know she had assistants. That is cool. I would hire a worker or two. That would be fine as long as I could tell them what they needed to do to get paid and then leave. The fewer words exchanged the better. That would make me very happy.
I know this sounds kind of weird, but it is the truth. I am just so over people and society, I just want to live the rest of my days alone and away from everyone. The only challenge is how I would finance this self imposed isolation. I will have to think more about that part.

I have never been an avid fan of O’Keefe’s art. I totally admire her life. She was a wondrous woman. I would like to be like her. I would love to find a desolate place to live out my life.
Alone. Quiet. PEACEFUL.


This Brazen Teacher said...

I try hard not to sound like a teacher. You know the patronizing advice giver when no one really wants it?

And then I remember... oh wait- I AM a teacher.

I saw this quote the other day- and as I read your post it literally popped in the front of my cerebellum. So it's my feeling that the quote wanted very badly to be heard by you. Hehe. I'm such a dork.

"The best way to live your dream, is to wake up."

Anonymous said...
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Sheree Rensel said...
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Sheree Rensel said...

Well, I have been called a "Teacher's Teacher", so I guess that qualifies me as a "Dork's Dork". This quote is the same thing I have been saying over and over again on both of my blogs for the past few months. When I wrote about atree3, I said "This is why I love paying attention to her.
She wakes me UP!". On another recent post I ended with "WAKE UP SHEREE". I guess this a "great minds" kind of thing.

To Anonymous: I deleted your comment. Although I understand using the "anonymous" option when commenting due to the trials and tribulations of blog commenting, if you don't SIGN your posts, I delete them. Not knowing who posts what is just too weird for me. Thanks anyway.