Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Art Blog: The ANOINTED Part 1

Around 7pm each night, I settle down to watch TV for a while. I turn on TMZ and watch the newest paparazzi attacks aimed at Hollywood celebrities. As I sit and watch the defensive hands of celebrities’ wave in front of the camera in fake disgust, I often wonder why they have been “anointed”. I mean, come on now. Some are truly deserving of their fame, but in many cases my eyebrows raise to symbolize my wonder. Why them? I think of all of their money and notoriety. I think of what got them to this place. I wonder how it would be if such adulation was poured over those in other facets of life, how the world would be different. Can you imagine the paparazzi stalking the scientist working on the newest research for cancer or the inventor down the block working in h/her garage on a truly fuel efficient vehicle or a myriad of other really important issues? Can you imagine?

I am getting off track here. My original thesis for this post was about art stars and celebrity. Hollywood celebrity and art stars are very different in some ways. Most art stars don’t make nearly as much money as movie/pop/TV stars. However, the process and outcome are the same and just as puzzling. How many times have you looked at the cover of any major art magazine and wondered why that artist or artist’s work was chosen? Is it really because their work is so “good” and earth shaking? Is it because the Gods came down from on high and anointed them with this grand prize of notoriety? Did they eat Lucky Charms for breakfast? What?
It is very, very, very complicated. Even as I watch art videos on YouTube, I realize how I am so distant from the “art world”. I stand outside the pet shop looking in and wonder “How much is that doggie in the window.” One recent video I watched had a comment from a viewer that mentioned nobody in the video was looking at the art at the opening. The attendees were facing each other talking. I commented back saying something like “Art openings are not for looking at art!” This is sad but true. Many of you know and understand what I mean.
So I just wonder why most artists make their work throughout their lives and then die. While other artists make their work and become one of the CHOSEN. Why?
I think I know why. I just want to wait and see what your take is on this issue. Tell me what you think.


This Brazen Teacher said...

Some people don't buy into the notion, that humans are purely creative forms of energy. But if one does buy into that philosophy- than the ones that gain recognition/fame/ and money- are the ones that created it for themselves.

Whether or not their art is superior, inferior, or completely average... their intent often determines what they get back from the universe.

At least that's this conservative hippie's philosophy :-)

and p.s.- I love you too!

dryadart said...

I think some people are drawn to fame, and some of us are not... I have talked on line many times about how uncomfortable I am with the persona of artist, how I don't like to do shows and openings where people talk about me "the artist" i make my work because I need to, because I have things I want to say, conversations I want to begin... its nice when I can hold that conversation at an opening or a show, but most people just want to oggle the "star artist" ... this is sad and difficult for me. Maybe famous artists are happier being stars?? Maybe they court that fame, I would love my WORK to be famous, for it to have a huge audience, for the conversation to grow, but I want to be left alone!

self taught artist said...

i like what brazen teacher said about possibly choosing that. i think that some of them choose instead of being chosen and i think the choosen are the luck of the draw with a LOT of who you know. sometimes the hype seems more important than the person or the art in our society. whoever looks the strangest, acts the strangest or makes the strangest art is certainly going to get more attention than the school librarian type. i live up in the boonies, i know few people, who the hell is going to find me? i have to find them and get in their face. i dont make that kind of art...does it mean i'm screwed? maybe if i wanna be an art rock star. you can still 'make it' and be unknown to the ny times.