Friday, October 3, 2008

Art Blog: The ANOINTED Part 3

This is “breaking news” of sorts. I had been writing my “The ANOINTED Part 3” post. Then I got an email. It was a Google alert about one of my websites. This one, single email made me rethink a whole lot of things.
I am the type of person, I just don’t care about many things. Some issues that are so important to others make absolutely no difference to me. One of these non-concerns revolves around my art and copyright. I don’t give a flying flip if you borrow or steal my images. I really don’t. I have always figured I can make more. If you want it, it is yours. THEN, I got the email alert today. The email told me that one of my images was used on a particular blog. I went to the site and I was beside myself. I think I went into shock. It was a political blog. It touts itself as “extreme”. There in front of my eyes was the daily post with one of my photos on the page in all its glory. You would think I would be honored. I couldn’t even read at that moment. I was that upset. The reason for my discomfort and trauma was because the post was about Sarah Palin. Oh NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Seriously, I couldn’t muster the cognitive strength to read the words associated with my photo. All I knew is that I didn’t want any part of me to be associated in any way with HER. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!

Quickly, I wrote the blogger. I reminded him he had used my photo. I told him to take it down. Take it down NOW. If he didn’t, I told him I would sue. I meant it too. I don’t care who uses my creativity. However, today I learned I have a limit. I just can’t approve that kind of association. Gosh NO! I checked back on the blog an hour later. The post was gone. I feel bad for the blogger. I don't mean to cause him more work. However, I just cannot stand the idea of anything I do or think to be associated with that moose lady.

So I will get back to my anointed posts tomorrow. However, maybe this is another kind of "anointed" lesson. Fame via notoriety, notice, and popular culture has a price. Nothing in life is free. I was reminded today that I am not willing to pay the price if I don’t believe in the product.

So today, this photo does not represent surrender in any kind of war. It represents surrender to all the awful, crazy things we have all endured during the past 8 years. I surrender! I surrender, wave the white flag, and wait for the new, positive changes that are there for all of us. We just have to wave the flag of CHANGE now!

In regard to my art and creations, I am very generous. I am very willing to share. However, I will not surrender my ideas without considering my values and the price I need to pay for anything. NOPE!

Oh gee. Can you tell I am cheering for Obama/Biden? Opps!!! Sorry for being so obvious! :-)

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dryadart said...

have you heard the sarah palin post turtle analogy yet, let me know if you haven't and I will send it! I promise it will make you laugh