Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Art Blog: Art ROUTINE

Taken from “Affirmations for Artists” by Eric Maisel

I know this sounds awful and insensitive. I have never been the type of person that dreamt of having a brood of kids or even one. I do have a daughter and I love her with my own life. I am so glad the Universe decided against my wishes to remain childless for numerous reasons. Besides just having her in my life, the primary reason I am thankful is because I doubt I would have lived this long if I hadn’t had her. She got me on the straight and narrow. She provided a reason to push on. She demanded a life routine. She is gone now. I have too much freedom. I need a routine.

Routines. Think about it. Think about all of your routines. To me, a routine is something you do without a second thought. It comes natural. Routines reflect a habitual behavior that you can predict without a doubt. For example, when the alarm clock goes off each morning, my ritualistic behavior is as follows:
I hit the snooze alarm about 5 times. I have the alarm set early enough that this does not interfere with my time schedule. I am always to work on time. I need the snooze routine because it makes me feel like I am getting away with sleeping for that extra twenty minutes. I know. It is weird. Finally, I get up and do all the other get ready for work chores quickly. I can feed the dog, take him out, do my hair, put on some kind of make-up, and get dressed in less than 30 minutes. Then I am out the door. The same precision happens when I get home from work. As described in yesterday’s post, I usually do my things and end up on the computer, eat dinner, and fall asleep with the TV on. Then, I do it all over again the next day and the next day and the next day, etc. I know for sure this routine will continue unless I make changes.

My weekly routines suck. I know this. So I was a good soldier this weekend and I made up a new schedule. I wanted to plan things to do after work to change my habits. WELL……………..I got a very nifty schedule put together. I had planned on sharing it with you all. I will not because I printed it out and put it on the front of the frig. I have come home each day, looked at it, and then I have proceeded to do the exact same thing as last week. LOL LOL LOL LOL
In fact, this is the point of this post. If you want to change your routine to reflect your desire to be a productive artist, you not only have to plan the routine. You have to DO IT. Duh…………………….
When I read the Maisel quote shown above, I nearly started to twitch. This is my problem. I do let doubts, demons, and general life distract me. I have to give myself credit. I set up another paint workstation in my living room. I had planned on painting during the World Series. Well, we know what happened with that. Even so, there are no excuses. I sat there last night looking at canvases waiting for me and I ignored them. I fell asleep while they beckoned. My bad!

Even Gizmo, looked up at me with this sad sack look. I think if he could talk, he would say “Come on now, snap out of it Mommy!” I will Gizmo. I will! I am not giving up on changing my routine. Apparently, I haven’t hit rock bottom yet. LOL

SIDENOTE: The World Series. Hmmmmmmm. Tonight it might end. There are less than three innings to go for the make-up game. If the RAYS choke, so be it. It would be super cool for them to win just so they could at LEAST come back to St. Petersburg one more time. I am not sure that will happen. I hope so. It would be so great. However, I am not upset with these baby Rays at all. They did a great job. So did the Phillies. It was a good run. It made me proud! Go RAYS!!!

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deb said...

I always know when I have a deadline looming, I decide I absolutely must clean/cook/do anything really that's not art related... I'm still bogged down in my goodwill costumes, they are sort of fun when I'm working on them, but they are really taking atoll on my art output, as in, I've managed half a book page... somedays life stinks!