Saturday, October 25, 2008

Art Blog: Happy Camper!

OK. I want to preface this post by saying I do not need an INTERVENTION. I am going through one of my weird, mind game sessions with myself. Luckily, I am old enough and wise enough to know this too shall pass. Also, I realize there is not a lot of REALITY going on during the ping/pong tournament being played in my mind. In fact with almost every thought, I have some kind of wise, well grounded come back to counter my paranoid alter ego’s rants.

We have all experienced this kind of thing. If you haven’t, you are very lucky. As I move along to make SOMETHING, ANYTHING, happen in my life, I realized this is a very hard thing to do when you are feeling dumpy in the first place. After expending all kinds of energy trying this approach and then that approach, then feeling like the world is standing still, I feel my spirit sinking lower and lower. As Joni Mitchell says in one of her songs “nothins any good, nothins any good!”. I hear her voice in my mind right now, but SHEREE snaps back quickly “Yes, there are GOOD things and they WILL appear!”

I just can’t get over how my life seems to be stuck at some kind of bizarre stand still. This moment could be an illustration in the dictionary under the word INERTIA. The lack of future direction creates a disheartening moment for someone as sensitive as I am and so eager to run in the fast lane. It is like a vicious circle. I want things to change, but the more they don’t, the more I don’t want to move to make things happen.

Does anybody understand what I mean?

For example, I look around me right now. I have so much work to do. I have art in my studio waiting to be worked. I have loads of prospectus for shows to enter. I have enough housework to call in the Merry Maids. My yard looks like a disaster area. Yet, I don’t want to do anything. I just want to sit and stare. This is not good.
I know if something encouraging happened, I would snap out of it immediately.

However, that isn’t the way it works. Like I have said many times before, I believe in making stuff happen. So I have to think of more bars to rattle and more boxes to shake. I have to make change happen no matter how long it takes or how crappy things seem to be. I can do this.
One thing I have decided to do is get more involved with the local art community. Gee. I have only lived here 17 years. Why not? LOL LOL LOL
Actually when I first moved here, I did become involved. Then I just got to a point nothing really seemed all that exciting and I drop the ball. It is now time to try again. I have to pick myself up from this blue funk. I have to have something to look forward to and of which to become a part.
I want to be a HAPPY CAMPER again!

After all! Just look at this. I could have been the model for the original HAPPY FACE! Tee hee hee
P.S. GO RAYS!!!!!


self taught artist said...

Does anybody understand what I mean?
yes, I know what you mean. I'm right there too. I have tons to do if I want but the bigger picture is 'out there' and I want to be in IT. I need change and direction and on and on. Nothing I do seems to make more than a hairline dent. I need some good life TNT happening!!!!!
I'm a virgo too, maybe thats what is going on :)

Sheree Rensel said...

LOL Well, I am not an avid follower of astrological charts. So do you think this is a "Virgo" thing?? LOL LOL

I don't know. Whatever it is, it can go away now. Right now. Today. Pronto. AdiĆ³s! LOL

dryadart said...

I always put this feeling down to being overwhelmed by all the things I should be doing. When this mood strikes I take the Sark approach, set a timer for ten minutes and then clean out a drawer or something, it sometimes breaks the inertia and gets me moving, but not always...