Friday, October 17, 2008

Art Blog: Tenacious ARTIST

No matter how much I sulk; no matter how much I kick the dirt; no matter how much I feel bewildered; I am always tenacious. ALWAYS. I suppose that is why I have lasted so long!! LOL LOL
It is Friday afternoon. I am planning my ART weekend. It is time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get to work. All this teaching and applying for jobs is making Sheree a very dull and unhappy girl. So now it is time to get on with my real life! I still have my “Treasure Maps” sitting out there waiting for me. I have been thinking about them for weeks.

This reminds me of something a kid said to me this week at school. One of my autistic students was pacing and pacing for nearly the entire art period. I kept telling him to get to work. I told him to produce SOMETHING. I have coddled and comforted him enough. It was time for him to fly on his own. I knew this. He knew this. A few minutes before the end of class, he shuffled up next to me and presented a clay worm about 5 inches long with two polka dot eyes. I said “Oh come on now “A”, you mean to tell me that it took you 45 minutes to create this????????????” He had this cockeyed smirk on his face and responded in his low, dry, unemotional voice, “Ms. Rensel, this didn’t take 45 minutes to make. I made it in 5 minutes. It took me 40 minutes to think of the idea!!!!”

OH MY GOSH!!! I laughed so hard. I can relate. As I bellowed a full laugh, I even got a little smile out of him which is a really great accomplishment if you know what it is like working with autistic students. BRAVO!!!
Anyway, I want to work on my “Treasure Maps”. Then there are other things to tend to as well. I have been procrastinating finishing my mirror mural door. This is because I didn’t have any mirror glass to finish it. Well, a neighbor had a garage sale this past weekend. Lo and behold I saw two full length mirrors in his front yard. I pulled my car up to the curb and said “Hey Tony, what do you want for those mirrors?” He came up and said “You can have them free!” Is that sweet or what? I offered him $5. He refused. I gave him $2 and hauled them to my studio. So they are waiting to be shattered and placed into the mosaic.

Another thing that I want to start this weekend is my “RED” series. As some of you might know, I have a piece called “Blue”. Well, I thought of doing some small works that are all about RED. I have no idea where this idea will go. However, that is why we do this stuff, right? TENACIOUS is good.

I don’t know what will happen. I am a bit curious myself.
I wonder what will come of this “red thing”?
We will see!


Eero said...

Red is beautiful and tenacious is wonderful.

Keep it up.


self taught artist said...

I have to say I dont know how you do it with those kids. but when you share things like the worm story i feel like there is so much to learn it is unbelievable.

i'm excited to see your red and maps and mirror works...i feel inspired just knowing you are digging in!

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I just added your blog to my blog reading list. Every time I go there I think "Alaska??" Oh geesh. I can't believe people live up there.

So is SARAH one of your BFFs? LOL LOL LOL (I am just kidding!!!)

Happy weekend!

Sheree Rensel said...

At this moment, I DON'T KNOW how I do it with my current students. LOL LOL LOL Years ago, I would just shrug my shoulders and deal with it. Now, I shake my head in wonder. This is why I know it is time for me to MOVE on. I shutter at the thought of going into work each day.

Yet, there is a good side to it. The clay worm story is an example of some of the funny things that happen. I will miss those moments greatly. Unfortunately, those happy things don't out weigh the icky things.

Have a great weekend!

dryadart said...

Just a thought but maybe all this has to do with those BROKEN MIRRORS - LOL