Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Art Blog: Art Media Choices

This is a funny post. At least, it made me laugh just thinking of this stuff.
Did you ever wonder why you chose the media that you choose to do your work? Once you have decided on a media have you wondered why you chose to handle the media in your own particular manner? These questions occurred to me as I worked on my current “Color Series”.

I am a painter. I have always been a painter. I hate clay and sculpting. Printmaking was out because you need too much equipment. Ditto for photography. Even now computer art has its place, but the hand of the artist as opposed to the hand of technology makes my perceptions of that media too nebulous. Painting is my thing. I love the colors and the act of painting. The feeling of paint all over my hands makes me feel the joy. Even though I have worked in three dimensions, those works were less about 3-D than the paint surface I created to cover them.

When I was in school, I was in the painting department. I knew right away I was not a watercolorist. I enjoyed using watercolors, but I didn’t feel the love. It was just too fragile for me. I started out using oil. However, I found out very quickly that my body didn’t like oil paint. This was expressed by finding rashes all over my arms. So, I changed to acrylic. OK. That is the answer to my first question.

The second question is harder for me to answer. I have no idea why I am obsessed with certain techniques, styles, or art habits. For example, I have a montage picture below. I know. This is a bit analytical. However, I just have to work this out in my mind in order to move on to new things. As I painted last weekend, I wondered why I feel this compulsion to glue crap on my canvases. Also, I kept scraping, tearing, and scarring the surface like an mad woman. Stop it Sheree! Then I stopped and thought for a moment. Why do I do this and how can I change.
(Gee, this sounds like an AA meeting!!! LOL LOL LOL)

OK. Here is my sample, “Exhibit A”.
1. I beat the crap out of my surfaces. (Anger issues?)
2. Compulsive over detailing (Too much stimulation?)
3. Using found objects (read: garbage collector)
4. Painting, but feeling the desire to use collage. (No naked paintings?)
5. Straight painting (When I do this, I start twitching. LOL)
6. Right now, I want to just paint. So what did I do in this painting? I painted the background and then painted the fish on another piece of canvas and glued the DAMN thing on. Duh……………….LOL LOL

I know what I want to do right now. I want to just paint. No gluing. No ephemera. No beads. No glitter. No broken shards of glass. I just want to paint. No collage. No beating the shit out of canvases. No nothing. I just want to paint. I realize I will have to twitch a little more. I will live through it. In the meantime, I ask you:
Why (art wise) do you do what you do?


JafaBrit's Art said...

it is funny but I just wrote a blog entry for sat about what being a multi media artist is. I am primarily a painter but I use it like I use other materials and media to express something. which means I can't call myself a painter per se.

I guess I do what I do because I love texture and I just want to do it all LOL! I see a vermeer painting of a satin dress I want to rush home and paint satin. I see kiki smith I want to rush home and do asomething where I incorporate all the elements I love, painting, assemblage, sewing etc. lol! I love it all. arg, not enough time in the day, in this life. arg!!!!!!1

Sheree Rensel said...

OMG!! Maybe we are twins separated at birth! KIKI!! KIKI!! KIKI!! Is she too cool or what???

I too love it all. I need lots more lives to do it all. In the meantime, I just want to be a "straight" painter for a while. No. I am not a lesbian. LOL LOL LOL LOL I just want my heterosexual self to paint some pictures without all the crap thrown into them. ;-)

deb said...

wow I will have to think about this one, I'm not sure I will like the answers, I am draw to hugely obsessive behaviors like 4x8 panels entirely colored in pencil by hand, hundreds of hours at a time, repetitive things like tearing, sewing, binding, I think I have some personality disorders!!
Oh and I like junk too...

Martha Marshall said...

Sheree, this is toooo funny!! And too True! LOL!!!!

I got into all those textures, and now I think they're an addiction, because now when I try to just stand there and paint it seems so . . . boring or something! And yet, I love the brush paintings, and want to do more of them.

Like you and Jafabrit, I want to do it all!