Friday, November 21, 2008

Art Blog: Daily Painting

Who-HA!!! As of this hour, this minute, this second, I do not have to go to my job until 6:30 AM on December 1st. Double WHO-HA!!! I have nine days off to just take care of me and a lot of art biz! I LOVE this time of year. It is one of the perks of teaching. Come the last week of every November, I get Thanksgiving week off. When I go back, I work three weeks and then, get another two weeks off. The coolest thing is my pay is distributed in such a way, my paychecks don’t stop. There are those automatic deposits. Life is good. I am in cotton candy, sweet dreams, feather pillow heaven!

One thing I am doing differently this year is I am not making a “list” of things I want to accomplish during holiday hiatus. I am one of those anal list makers. This is grand and good most of the time. It keeps me on task and satisfies my neurotic nature. However, it causes me stress too. I keep looking at the list of art projects, house chores, and yard work. I get frustrated and anxiety filled. Then I say screw it all and feel ashamed of myself. This has happened during the last two lists. Since this practice isn’t working for me, I have decided there will be NO LISTS until January 2009. Let’s call it my end of the year resolution.
I look at my calendar and it is blank. Yes there is nothing on it for the next nine days. EMPTY. That looks so cool. I am going to do what I feel like doing each day.

This sounds like a great plan to me. In fact, it looks like this is the first year in my entire life I will be alone on Thanksgiving. I am still cooking, but my daughter is struggling with the idea of not coming here. She has her own life (boyfriend and his family) now. That is just La Dee DA DANDY with me. I keep telling her not to feel guilty because I don’t mind at all if she makes other plans. (This comes from the same mother who told her if she has children; don’t bring them over here until their 21st birthday! I am so bad!!) In fact, I kind of like the idea she isn’t coming. I won’t have to clean the house or dismantle my temporary studio in the living room. I have been using my regular studio for big stuff, but I shacked up on my front room, coffee table for little paintings. It is warmer in there and I have a big TV! LOL LOL

I really want to paint every day. Thinking of this reminded me of the “Daily Painters”. There are a bunch of them out there. If you google "daily painters", you will find lots of websites about artists who try to create a painting a day. I have looked at hundreds of daily paintings and rarely if ever does anything knock my socks off. Many of these artists tout the fact they belong to the “art league” or “art guild” or “art society something or other”. Whenever I read stuff like that, it gives me the heebie jeebies. Why? It is a long story. That will have to be the subject of another post.

I did find one guy who really interests me. His name is Jeff Hayes. He is a contemporary realist which is another one of my “raised eyebrow” issues. (That is another post too!) However, he seems like a very cool guy. Also, I love his work. What truly won me over was his writing. He has two blogs. The link above is to his “Watching Paint Dry” blog. His other blog is called State of the Art. I really like the way he writes. Also, he seems to be living a really interesting art life. That is very cool. Check him out!!

Jeff Hayes
"Two Ikura Sushi"
Oil on linen on masonite, 10 x 8 Inches


JafaBrit's Art said...

omg, his paintings are GORGEOUS and makes me want to get my teeth into just painting. I hate sushi, but i LOVE LOVE this painting of sushi.

No wonder you like him.

Sheree Rensel said...

Me and you both! They would have to hold me down and force feed me to eat ANY type of Sushi. However, this painting is about more than Sushi. I realize that. It IS beautiful. His work is so pristine and compositionally comforting. He is a really good artist!

namastenancy said...

That really IS a good painting and so is his blog. I agree with you about the mediocre turned out by many (but not all) of the Daily Painter's blogs. The one guy who does a decent job is the one who started it all (I think): Julian Merrow-Smith. But he lives in the South of France so he's got inspiration the minute he steps out the door.

Sheree Rensel said...

I think your word "mediocre" hits the spot. There are so many daily painter blogs and websites. Your comment about Julian Merrow-Smith is interesting to me. I will have to look him up. It is ironic you mentioned that he "started it". One thing I noticed with a bit of humor and entertainment while visiting the DP websites is there seems to be arguments about who started the "Daily Painting" rage. One name that comes up often is Duane Keiser. He does awesome work too. However, I don't see why fighting over who is the supposed "founder" is all that important. Maybe you have to be a daily painter to care. LOL LOL