Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Art Blog: My Future

Oh my goodness. I know I have spoken about atree3 before. I just have to share this with you all. I love her so much because I see myself in her. Also, I see my future. As I get all wrinkly and old, I wonder what is to come of me. When I watch atree3 I see my future. It is OK. It is all good. It is spectacular. In fact, it is wonderful. She is one of my vicarious, internet mentors. I love her and her life so much. I cannot embed her videos here. She forbids that. Therefore, just click each pic and it will take you to her current videos.
First, there is the Glas Haus. She built this. It is on her property, Cazadero Nature and Art Conservancy. I want to live in there!

Second, she spends the night in the glass house. How cool is that?

Isn’t it great to realize there are human beings on this earth like her?


Eero said...

I have an artist friend who is 70. I'd like to be like her when I reach that age. She's vivacious and energetic and inspired.

It's good to have those people up ahead of us on the road who can show us the future can be something to look forward to.

Sheree Rensel said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Omg! I think I am lucky. I have wanted to be "Maude" of "Harold and Maude" fame since I was in my twenties. I am glad I had this vision. However, Maude is a fictional character.

To see atree3 in the flesh, doing her YouTube videos and telling about her life makes it real for me. Truly, I can see myself in 20 or 30 years telling my stories as she does. It helps me to have faith and realize I have something for which to look forward.
Did you watch her vids? Unbelievable, but so cool and true.

deb said...

I have to thank you for these posts, I love her videos, she ROCKS!

JafaBrit's Art said...

wow, that is just really beautiful.

Martha Marshall said...

She's amazing, isn't she! She has so many lessons about not being self conscious, about just being who you are. I love her too.

PS Sheree - You've been tagged by me. You don't have to play, but I hope you will. Check out my blog post from this morning:

Terry ( said...

I watch atree3 also, at your suggestion. She often reminds me of my 83 year old mother.

Mom called the other night and said something was wrong with her computer. I am close by and can make quick service calls so I ran over and got her back online.

Her computer has become the new crossword puzzle. They say that doing things like crossword puzzles or other mental activities to keep your mind working really helps as you age. I think that using her computer helps my mom stay active and aware of what is going on in the world.

I made sure she has a nice PC setup to use, especially during these winter months of long lonely evenings. It may not keep her as warm as a man but it is sure a lot easier on me. If the PC acts up I know how to fix it.


Sheree Rensel said...

I love HER and her videos. Yes, she does rock!

Sheree Rensel said...

I know. I love that Glass House. It is so, so beautiful. I want it!

Sheree Rensel said...

Yes, she is amazing. However, she isn't an obtainable kind of amazing. I mean, she is such a cool person and I understand her in my own way. I really do see similar traits in myself. Whenever I watch one of her videos, I can imagine myself doing and saying the same kinds of things years from now.
In this age of the youth culture, it is so great to see a woman like Margaret just going about her business.

Tagged?? Oh gee. I normally don't do tags, but I will make an exception for you. I will check it out in a few minutes.

Sheree Rensel said...

TERRY TERRY TERRY!!! As soon as I saw that kettlebell icon, I thought "THAT IS WEIRD! An artist who has a kettlebell icon?" Then I saw your name!! Tee HEE

I think it is super great your mother is into technology. I think all seniors should be. It reminded me of another atree3 video in which she had a garden party to unveil one of her quilts. She was filming and would walk around the mostly senior age visitors telling them how she was vlogging. Then she would ask "Do you VLOG?" Of course, most of them looked at her and said "NO" or didn't know what she was talking about. She took so much pride in the fact that she was oh so hip!!
Thanks for looking in on this blog. I know art isn't your thing. It is cool to see you here though! Thanks!

JafaBrit's Art said...

ohmy gosh, I remember that vid with the quilt but I didn't make the connection. wow, cool!