Friday, November 14, 2008

Art Blog: My NEXT Life

If I have a next life, I want to be a scientist. I have always loved science. I want to be a researcher. I want to be tucked away in a laboratory and just do experiments. I have always had this interest. However, I couldn’t do everything. I had to find a
focus. Art won out. Science has always run a very close third. I suppose my second chosen vocation would have been writing. After that, I have always wanted to be some kind of scientist. Always.

In my teens, I was a girl scout. I joined late. I was never a Brownie or Junior Girl Scout. Life circumstances prevented me from being a participant. I finally got to be a scout in high school. This was when most girls were dropping out. It wasn’t cool. However, I was a hippie, dippy, Girl Scout. I was the president of my troop. I was the troop leader for a G.S. trip to Mexico. I was a Type A, overachiever scout back then. I was all into it.

I was also into the achievement stuff. Having earned the most badges ever in the one year as a Cadette G.S., I was really motivated to get the most metal insignia awarded to Senior girl scouts. However, it was a bit harder to achieve those. Instead of doing a required list of activities to earn a badge, Senior G.S. had to attend a training workshop to complete the requirements to get a certain subject area, colored bar. These are similar to military bars on uniforms. OK. OK. I got right to it. I was attending every weekend shindig they had to offer! I wanted to get the SCIENCE award. They didn’t offer a workshop in that. There wasn’t enough interest to warrant the organization of a class. I thought “Screw that!. LOL LOL LOL I called the G.S. headquarters. I ranted. They told my 16 year old self that if I wanted to do it, maybe I could come up with my own curriculum. LOL LOL LOL Oh boy, they didn’t know who they were talking to!!! LOL LOL

Oh yeah. I created my own curriculum! Holy Macaroni. I was on the telephone that week with some person at the Enrico Fermi Nuclear power plant. I charmed my way into that place for a personal tour. Wearing my stupid ass green G.S. uniform, I was walked through the entire plant. Then, the tour guide gave me a lead. He made a call to a lab associated with NASA. He made an appointment for me to go there too. Shit!!! LOL LOL
Anyway, I did it. I compiled my findings in a little book and sent it to G.S. headquarters. A few weeks later I got my “SCIENCE” insignia with a letter that basically said “You GO GIRL!”.

Sheree the scientist still lives in my heart. In fact, today I saw an article about the discovery of a new planet orbiting a star 130 light years away from our own solar system. This just boggles my mind. I love just thinking about stuff like this. I realize we know so little. Yet each time we learn a little tidbit like this, it fills me with awe and inspiration.

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I had to chuckle at this picture because it reminded me so much of an “eye”. This is like my “Watching” piece. Be careful.

THEY are watching us!


deb said...

how funny, i wanted to be a physicist, I even started out in college to be a physicist, then I got married instead, maybe the attraction was the not dealing with people, although I think really for me it was the abstractness of advanced math and sub atomic particle physics... its the same kind of thinking as art making I think. I am still a physics nerd, I was sooo excited yesterday to find a second hand copy of The fabric of the cosmos by Brian Greene (he wrote the elegant universe - which was fab!)

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh Deb!
I so agree. Art and Science are totally alike. I see the parallels every day. In a way, I am sad I didn't go the other way. I would have made much more money being a scientist. Oh well...

C'est la vie

Tee hee hee!