Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Art Blog: Salon Oui Oui!

When I was in art school, somebody told me to stay away from art galleries that hung the work “salon style”. This was considered taboo. I always remembered that. I have pretty much steered clear of those kinds of venues. I even stayed away from doing that in my own home. However, I don’t have a choice now. I am running out of wall space! LOL LOL
I was so proud of myself yesterday. I got another thing done on my “To Do” list. I have been tripping over art for months. I needed to hang it someplace just to get it off the floor. I decided to start hanging the work in my exercise room. I am going to plaster the walls “salon style”.

When I got this much done, I stood back and giggled. Then, I had a flashback about reading the book “Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” by Gertrude Stein. What a great book! Right at that moment, I decided I wanted to read it again, so I ran over to the bookstore. The only problem is the volume that includes photos is out-of-print. I had to buy the paperback.

I started rereading the book last night during dinner. This paperback will have to do for now. I will look around to see if I can find a vintage, hard cover version somewhere. I can always use the internet to find pictures. The reason I thought of this book as I looked at the beginnings of my salon is because I remembered this picture of Gertrude’s sitting room.

Look at those paintings! They would be worth millions today. Do you recognize the artists? I love reading about Gertrude and Alice. What a funny pair! Also, the book is so full of gossipy, art history. So much fun!

"Alice and Gertrude" Photo credit: Man Ray

Alice B. Toklas (left) and Gertrude Stein (right)
"You go girls!" LOL


namastenancy said...

I love your fighting spirit and your joie de vive! You GO girl! Have you read the book "The Charmed Circle?" IT's a great read which makes me want to get into a time machine and go back in time - although I'd probably stay clear of Alice unless I was a male artist. She may have looked meek but she was as meek as a cobra.

Sheree Rensel said...

No I have never read the "Charmed Circle". I will get that book and read it!
It is funny that you mentioned ALICE. As I put those pics up, I was looking at Alice. She does look like a lost puppy. Also, I noticed that there are a few books out with her actual writing. (Not Stein writing for her.) I think I will read up on Alice. I would have loved to be a bug inside her head as she sat and listened to Gertrude pontificate!! LOL LOL

namastenancy said...

Well, if you read "The Charmed Circle" you will realize that while Gertrude may have pontificated, Alice was the power behind the throne. What was so beautiful about their relationship is that they truly loved each other and valued each other's gifts. I adore them both and rejoice that they were powerful women but just wish that -- in their time of influence - they would have extended the hand of friendship to more women. Like a lot of women in artistic circles, they were a lot harder on women than they were on men.
On the other hand, male artists weren't very kind to each other either so I guess it's all part of the drama.

Sheree Rensel said...

I ordered the book today. It is on its way to me. Thanks so much for the tip!!