Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art Blog: Schizoid No More!

A baby is born. Her name is “Little Wizzee”

I am convinced moving into your 50’s is very similar to becoming a teenager again. I say this because a lot of the same issues I experienced in my teens are going on with me now. I feel very ugly. I am far too introspective and self absorbed. My daredevil nature has resurfaced. At times, I feel self conscious. I don’t fit in with the YOUNG people, but I don’t fit in with the OLD people either. I have this urge to take on the world, but don’t know exactly how to do that (yet). I feel the world is my oyster one minute and then want to scream “Life sucks” the next. I seem like a 15 year old again! LOL LOL LOL (BTW, anybody who reads this entry and has their own opinions about this teen – midlife connection, please feel free to add your observations. Please do!)

Also, I am stuck on this “Who am I? question. This has to be something real to me. I keep writing about finding myself, getting a new life, becoming me (whoever that is), etc. I guess this time of life is just another one of our special transitional moments or some crap like that.

Along with blogging, I vlog too. Until now, I have made two types of videos. Some are art related videos (wizzlewolf). The others are about my fitness life (littlesheree) Wizzlewolf is OK, but I just love littlesheree! For some reason, I don’t see a connection between the two personas. It is a weird, psycho thing. Therefore, I have decided to merge these two people. I am melding them into one and her name is “littlewizzee”.

I will have to work on creating some new littlewizzee videos. Until then, I wanted to share this littlesheree video with you all. I filmed this back in August 2008. It reminds me of who I really am and who I want to be. It is called “Weighing Wants”. It was about being happy, enjoying life, and being healthy. Even though it was on my fitness channel, it relates to ART too! Everything I said and did on this video can be applied to our art lives just as easily. Everything is related. Also, we have to always weigh what we WANT in this life! Little Wizzee says “Oh YEAH!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder if you are right.

I am in my 50s. I am now a brat. While I am not taking drugs again yet, it sounds like a good idea. Booze is already essential. Loud music please. I can't write what I am thinking about as regards sex, which is just what it was like when I was 16. And just like when you're 16, none of this really feels all that great even though everyone says it's supposed to....


namastenancy said...

Welcome to the best decades of your life. I remember when I turned 50. That was one of the most life-changing moments of my life and the landscape truly did change. I finally realized that my horizon was limited and so, I began to take a lot of things more seriously (art, my time and health, saving money) and a lot of things a lot less seriously (losing a ton of weight, men, love, fantasies, etc). I have kept paring my life down to the essentials and now, can't imagine living otherwise.

Sheree Rensel said...

Eva! LOL LOL LOL OMG, I didn't even think about the drug thing. I never even thought about that. I too have doubled (tripled?) the amount of beer I drink in the last couple of years. In fact, I have been on a mission to stop that nonsense. Oh and the sex. Hmmmmm... Yeah, let's not talk about that. LOL I love the "it isn't all that great like it is supposed to be" part of the comment.
Girl, you got that right!!!! Oh well, let us trudge on! Maybe when I get into my 60's things will be more peaceful or I will just be so exhausted I will surrender(?) Hmmmmmmmmmm

Sheree Rensel said...

You are absolutely correct. I did the same thing too. The past few years I have been the busy bee getting ESSENTIALS done too. You hit the nail on the head speaking of "paring down". I just don't want a bunch of STUFF anymore. Also, I just don't see the importance of so many things I thought were vital a decade ago. There is a bit of freedom that comes with age. I just don't like the wrinkles. LOL LOL