Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Art Blog: Terminally (un)HIP

Thumbing through the November issue of ARTnews, I scanned articles on artist comebacks, street artists moving up (notice the Shepard Fairey on the cover), art reviews Ad nauseam, and lots of costly, full page, color “notice me, me, me” advertisements. There is even a piece with pics on Helen Frankenthaler’s eighty year old self.

As I stomped through the art world bog, I stopped at an article titled “Single Black and White Feline Finds Love at Biennial” by Lamar Clarkson. The article begins “Ben Coonley is a new-media prankster.” Below those words is a thumbnail of a YouTube video created by Coonley. I don’t want to go on to describe the whole story. You can pick up the magazine if you want to read it. However, I was curious about this new-media guy.

I read the article, and then went to watch his YouTube video. I realize this is one of his pranks(?) I know there are more examples of his work. He is an award winning new-media artist. I just wish I could see his work in context. I mean, this Valentine video is well….. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to think. I really thought I had a great sense of humor. However, I feel so boring and uncool right now. I couldn’t help but realize despite my attempts to keep up with art and media, I must be terminally UNhip. I sat there nonplussed and pondering. I asked myself,
“This is what gets you into ARTnews these days?”

I have to get going. I have so much work to do!
I gotta get busy getting HIP.
Now where did I put those old clips from
“Gilligan's Island”…………..

“Valentine for Perfect Strangers” Ben Coonley


namastenancy said...

Welcome to another thing that happens when you reach 50. You start realizing that the art news du jour should be titled "NOT-art news" and "art sort of news that's so old it belongs in the garbage." OK - I know that I'm being harsh and snippy but I'm over 60 so I'm entitled (cough cough cough). Seriously, so much of art speak is art squeek squeek squeek. One of the bloggers on BAAQ wrote about a performance piece at Marin Headlands and he couldn't make heads or tails of it. I took pity on the poor man and didn't post that there really wasn't anything there. There is no there THERE 90% of the time. But the good thing is that you and I will still be making art when whoever the latest Joe Kool is will have faded into much deserved obscurity.

Sheree Rensel said...

I saw the B.S. in art news long before I turned 50. I am just now getting pissed off about it! LOL LOL
I watched a James Kalm video today featuring work at GAVIN BROWN'S ENTERPRISE. One of the eye brow raisers was a 10 hour Warhol film of a poet reciting four decades of work. Well.........OK. I would sit through that. Oh yeah(?)

I was just thinking today about writing a blog entry called "Does anybody else feel like we are playing let's pretend?" The subtitle would be "All the bullshit I was taught to believe." I don't think all that would fit in the title space though. LOL LOL
It happens to me every day. I see some art that I just wince. Usually it is the product of a "Joe Kool". Oh! You are so right. Obscurity will come their way. Sometimes I project and imagine what they will be doing 30 years from now.
It is just fine to cough, cough, snip, snip. In fact, I will join you!!!
cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip cough, cough, snip, snip!!!!!!!!!! Oooooh. That feels so good!