Friday, December 26, 2008

Art Blog: Art Diversions

Today is “detail day”. These are the days when I get the tiny brushes out and paint itsy bitsy details on my paintings that nobody notices or cares about (except me). I have to be in the mood to do this fine work. It is very tedious. I put on layers and layers of glazes and a zillion fine lines. It takes a long time and lots of patience.

This is especially difficult for me because of my ADHD personality. I can become out of focus and off task at the drop of a thought. I will be working and remember I have to write an email or take out the trash. I am great at finding DIVERSIONS. Just a minute ago, the Jehovah Witness people came to the door. I was almost tempted to talk to them. I didn’t. I told them I was Catholic and they ran off the porch.

Sometimes I think about all the art diversions that seem to pop up. We all have diversions that get us sidetracked. Working on my Ph.D. was a diversion that took over a year of my art life away. It is a good thing I ran out of money. I would still have my head in a book. Sometimes writing this blog qualifies as a diversion. Every time I clean my studio, I feel like I am stalling. Why? Who knows! I will be painting and I will think of a plant that needs to be repotted or a bill that needs to be paid. Then, off I go running out of my studio. This is one of my new goals. It is time for me to realize it is just fine to think about other things while I make art. I just need to get a little notebook, jot down the thought, and use that as a reminder list of things to do later when I am not working.

This goal in mind, I found myself in the midst of a sticky wicket. I have been dabbling with the idea of taking some computer classes at the art center. I want to do this for a number of reasons. First, it would get me out into the world again. The second reason is because even though I am relatively tech savvy, I am self taught. Therefore, when I try to teach things like Photoshop, I don’t call things by their proper names. I say stuff like “Go click this thingy and then move this dohicky over to that whatchamacallit.” LOL LOL LOL I need to learn the lingo. Finally, these classes might lead to some kind of connections to the local art scene (?)

I have to think hard about all this because I don’t want these computer classes to act as a diversion to gobble up my painting money or precious art studio time. I will keep you posted on my ultimate decision.

No, this is not a diversion. This is a one component to a piece I am working on now. I will explain later when it is done. I just wanted to show this because I think it is hysterical. Tee HEE HEE


deb said...

Your work is so alive, so colorful, it just gets me right out of a funk every time!! I am intrigued, can't wait to see where this is going!!!

Sheree Rensel said...

That effigy is part of a secret project I am working on. I will write about the finished piece in a couple of weeks. Shhhhhhhh. It is a secret. LOL LOL

Sheree Rensel said...

P.S. Deb,
It is so funny you said that because at this very moment, I am working on one of my States of Being paintings. Its title is "ALIVE"

Weird, huh?

deb said...

or psychic!!