Thursday, December 11, 2008

Art Blog: Art Reality Show

Sometimes, we don’t see our own reality. Sometimes, we are so mixed up and looking for answers, we don’t see what is right in front of us. It is as big as life. It is glaring at us. Yet we don’t SEE it.

We look. We go on with our daily routine. We move. We work. We function. Yet, we are not really cognizant of what is really going on or what is really there. My Gilda friend attended Art Basel this past week. She posted her experiences via YouTube. I watched all of her videos. They were about her trip. Watching her meander in Miami Beach made me perk up. I noticed how so much of her footage reminded me of my own home here in St. Pete. I am not in Miami. I have never been in Miami. However, the shots she took reminded me of my Florida. So much of what she shot reminded me of my own home, St. Petersburg. After watching her tourist videos, I realized I live here. This is my reality every day.
I just don’t SEE it.

Today one of my friends was asking me about mosaic. She wants to learn it, but doesn’t know how to start. I told her my kitchen had a Pique assiette backsplash. I told her how I did it and what she needed to do her own. I went on to say, I will show you mine. I will get pictures together.

I came home today and started an overdue project. I have a webpage that shows some of my house. I have been meaning to add to this series of web pages. I want to have my art house online. I started to get more photos together to show her my mosaic backsplash. I figured I would do other rooms too. I wanted to add my computer room to that same page. I was editing pics of that room and got to this one. I stood there and looked at my computer room table. I looked at it on the screen with a bizarre distance. Now mind you, I look at this every day. I just don’t SEE it.
This made me realize that I am in some kind of blinding funk. I am not SEEing my own reality. Just like Gilda’s Art Basel videos, my simple photos of my own house are making me realize my every day art reality is kind of very cool. I realized today I am a lucky artist.
Wake up, Sheree. Wake up!

How in the world can I not SEE or notice this?
It is because I am not focused. I am not seeing my art reality. Just like watching Gilda walk on a Florida beach, I am in some kind of weird, frazzled, configuration of life.
I am not seeing my own, wonderful reality.


JafaBrit's Art said...

Such an interesting post and I think yes at times what we have around us we take for granted. I find it helps me to take photos of rooms for me to re see them. sounds silly but the few times it happened I realized I liked or disliked something but hadn't figured out why until I saw the photo.

JafaBrit's Art said...

really NICE table and chairs by the way.

Gilda said...

My beach walk was one of the things I remember most about my trip. The warm sand erasing the dead skin from my midwestern winter clad feet! Picking up a shell with my toes. Understanding just how much effort it takes to walk through deep sand without tipping over. The heat, that I had almost forgotten about since fall began to turn to winter in a very obvious way up north.

The art in the fairs was great, but it was experience seen through a filter. Or two or three. The sand under my feet was real, and immediate.

Sheree Rensel said...

That table and chairs are kind of a funny thing. I bought them used off this woman who had painstakingly painted them in pastel tones of yellow, blue, and pink. She raved about her paint job. I bought them, loaded them in to my truck, got them into my studio, and hauled butt beating the crap out of them. After I distressed them, I painted them purple. I loved it. However, I felt guilty that I wrecked that woman's paint job. HA HA HA HA
Oh well.

Sheree Rensel said...

I am so glad you read this post. I just read it again and became perplexed because I had linked your name to your YouTube channel. For some reason, I made some kind of mistake and the link went to my own channel. I fixed it now.

Yes, your beach experience is the real deal. In fact, I think this is what I was writing about in this post.

Sheree Rensel said...

P.S. Gilda!
As I look at that pic of my purple and pink computer room, I remember that I have come a long way BABY! This is a far cry from my Third St. ghetto studio apartment, huh?????? LOL LOL LOL LOL