Saturday, December 13, 2008

Art Blog: Awesome Art

I began the day today catching up on reading blogs and watching art videos. Today must be my day to be blown away by absolutely breathtaking work. First I found this painting by Howard Hodgkin on the Heart as Arena blog.

I had never heard of Hodgkin before. I spent some time looking at bunches of his work. This particular painting just grabs me. Between the color and brushstrokes, it made me gasp for breath.

On my merry internet travels, I also came across a James Kalm video documenting Marlene Dumas’ exhibition “Measuring Your Own Grave” at the MoMA. OMG! What a show! Previously, I have seen quite a few of her works. However to see so many all together in such a wonderful space is so unbelievably awesome.

After watching this video and then doing more research on her life, some other things came to mind. I have been being hit with a lot of the same thoughts this past week. I can’t speak about what I am thinking. There is especially a lot of deep emotion going on after seeing the work in this show. I feel too raw. I am not in the correct mood to spill my guts. I will tell all later. In the meantime, take in the Dumas exhibition. It is grand.

Click the pic to see the Kalm video about the show.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Eva said...

I LOVE Hodgkin. The paintings are mind blowing, his own universe!

Sheree Rensel said...

Yes Eva! Also, I noticed each one of his pieces are like universes each on their own!

namastenancy said...

What a joy to discover Hodgkins. My art teacher introduced him to us (the critique group) umpteen million years ago. I also have had the pleasure to seeing his works in person. You can't believe how small most of them are but they explode with color. I read the NY Times review on Dumas and wanted to strangle the critic. I thought that what I saw as powerful and moving but the critic whined and whinged about how she repeated herself. We know that if Dumas was a man, she'd be getting a different reception.
Cosset yourself with whatever gives you peace and pleasure. I know what it's like to deal with deep emotion; no need to say more.

Heart As Arena said...

Hi Sheree. Thanks for the shoutout!

And yeah. Hodgkin. What's funny is that I wasn't familiar with his work 'til I read a piece on him in Modern Painters about 5 years ago. The work and the artist both seemed interesting and luckily he happened to have a show at Gagosian around the same time. I was psyched. Then I went to the show and I was not moved, like, at all. I even gave it a second shot and I STILL didn't get it. Then, over the years since then I started to see pieces in museums or in a group shows or at the fairs, and all of the sudden . . . WHAM! I got it and I got it good. I can't even say what made the switch for me, but there's not a single painting that hasn't blown me away since I jumped the fence (or, the frame, I guess). Great, great stuff. All in!

Sheree Rensel said...

When I was looking at his work online yesterday, I noticed how small some of the pieces were. It is so strange because even online they look like huge wall pieces.

As far as the Dumas critic, I would laugh at that. Most critics are just frustrated, shadow artists. She was was probably jealous of the Dumas work! LOL LOL

Sheree Rensel said...

You are very welcome for the shout out. You have a very great blog!

You know after writing this post yesterday, I started thinking about it and I realized Hodgkin's work is vaguely familiar to me. Like you, I think I have been exposed to it before, but it never hit me. I think seeing the piece on your blog made me take a relook and I saw things in a different way. Thanks for posting it!!