Sunday, December 28, 2008

Art Blog: Loose Ends

I almost started a NEW painting yesterday. I stopped myself. I am determined to get all the loose ends done first. I have a bunch of half done stuff laying around my studio. It is time to finish them up! I finished two “Sight Bites” yesterday. I started both a long time ago. I just couldn’t find a way to resolve them. They needed something. Well, I found that something and they are now ready to hang. Hooray!!

Click pics to enlarge

Gotta go back to work!!


Gilda said...

Its really grey here today, Sheree...this works really picked me up with their color

Sheree Rensel said...

LOL LOL This is so WEIRD. Yesterday Deb left a comment about how my colors seemed "alive". I was working on a painting titled "ALIVE". Today, I have been working on a painting called "Grey Day". I think I am channeling all of you!!! LOL LOL