Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Art Blog: Thinking TOO Much

Here I go again. All day yesterday, I thought myself into frenzy. The frustration started to surface because I hate working on art that seeming is going nowhere. I know for sure if I just keep working, I will have some good work at the end. My experience has helped me learn this long ago. It is just this interim time that drives me nutty.

In some ways, I think not having a specific direction while working on my Treasure Maps is a good thing. It goes along with the meaning of the work. I am trying to find my way. In fact, this angst and confusion is part of the package. I am mapping my way out of my self-imposed psychological art forest. Also, these pieces are an attempt to just let go and work intuitively. Hmmmmmm. We will see.

As I went from piece to piece working, racing thoughts swirled in my mind. After taking a relook at the Grey work I spoke of in yesterday’s post, I started to mentally condemn what I do and how I do it. I started hating my own work. I kept thinking “I don’t want to paint like Sheree!” LOL LOL Trying to rid myself of these stupid doubts, I decided to think of new strategies for change. My work is not in style. I don’t think my work was ever in style! I do know for sure lately I have been noticing a lot of work that is topical and reflects current issues. Maybe this is an avenue of exploration for me(?) Besides the Grey “Obama”, I saw Shepard Fairy on TV yesterday talking about his plans to attend the inauguration. Good for him! I am not saying I want to start painting portraits of politicians. I just want my work to be more of an obvious reflection of 2009. How I will do that remains to be seen.

While stirring up drama and talking to myself about all these issues, I had a moment of synchronicity. I found this blog post with a really great picture gallery of some of the recent work in Miami. I scrolled down the page and found this gem of a piece by Louise Bourgeois. Wow, what a great painting! It exemplifies art that is up-to-date and a mirror of the moment.

“The Maternal Man” by Louise Bourgeois
Click the pic to go to artobserved.com and see the rest of the Miami wrap up.


Eva said...

Like you I think about if my work should be more of the time. Because for one thing, we as people are very much of our time. Our biography is pop even if our art is not. Shouldn't our work follow suite?

....Then again, some of the greatest artists are eventually recognized for listening to their own drummer. Agnes Martin, Louise Bourqeois, I can name many. This doesn't mean they were out of the zeitgeist, they were just defining a zeitgeist not as well understood. Of course they eventually became the fashion and many artists are influeneced by them but this is not how it was for years.

Sheree Rensel said...

I know you are right. It is so funny you mentioned Agnes Martin. Just yesterday, I was working in my studio watching a video. I stopped to watch an interview with her. I LOVE her ballsy personality. She made no excuses. She just did what she did. She mentioned during a twenty year period of her life, she didn't show anything. When that phase was over, she burned everything. LOL LOL LOL I just have to laugh. I feel that same way sometimes.

As far as saying I want to be a different kind of artist, that is total BS. I know I do what I do because I am just meant to do it that way. Like it or not, "Sheree Style" is here to stay as long as I am breathing.

namastenancy said...

But aren't we always questioning? Always seeking? If we weren't, what kind of artists would be be? A Thomas Kinkaide clone ::shudder:::? The worst thing is to let that loud inner voice stop you from making art. My inner voice is always telling me that I'm not original, that my pieces are too dependent on Bay Area artists like Bischoff and Park for technique and inspiration. Well, that's true but I'm not letting it stop me. I tell that nagging loud voice that I have to go through points 1, 2, 3 etc before I can get to point..whatever the last point is. And if we get there, then, it's time to maybe turn around and take another path. How do we know? There are no maps for the kind of treasure that we seek which is both good and bad.
As far as Fairy goes, I'd be a lot more impressed with him if I didn't recognize his outright copying of 60's political posters. I look at Diebenkorn, Park and Bischoff for technique; Fairy outright steals images from Chinese and Cuban political art, slaps on a "witty" slogan and sells them for big bucks. He obviously don't have an inner voice telling him that such plagiarism is unethical .

Sheree Rensel said...

You wrote: "A Thomas Kinkaide clone ::shudder:::?"

It makes me laugh that you mention HIM. I see his work everywhere when I am out shopping. There is always a passing moment when I think "I could do that kind of art, EASY. If I did, I could make bucks!" Then I slap myself back to reality.
I have that nagging voice too. It is really stupid and it is getting older than I am. One thing I am sure of at this point in my career is I am doing SHEREE ART. I have no alter ego inspired by any particular artist. I am just doing my own thing.
I don't have any ill feelings for artists like Fairy. I really don't. I think we could all do as he does if we wanted to do that. Just like Kinkaide, he wants it. That is why he is going to the inauguration. I am happy for him.
It is there for the taking. You just have to want to be that kind of artist. I don't.