Thursday, January 1, 2009

Art Blog: Back on the WAGON!


Yep! Back on the wagon! WHO-HAAA!!!
New year, New goals, let’s keep it movin!

Okey dokey! The only reason I make goals for myself is so I can maintain some kind of focus. Otherwise, I would daydream my life away! This is very apparent when I look at my life at this moment. I am going great guns with my art life. My physical life is going down the dumper! This is because I have put my fitness concerns on the back burner to concentrate on other things. Now, my body is starting to resemble a marshmallow version of the Pillsbury dough(girl). This is partially due to the fact I hurt my leg back in September. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t want to heal. It is getting better very slowly. I have been trying to nurse it back to health by taking it easy. However, the junk food I have been woofing down has had no positive medicinal effect whatsoever. In fact, it has made things worse. My body can’t take even a small amount of extra weight. Therefore, we gotta get back to the daily workouts. That isn’t a goal, it is a necessity.
Now to the fun stuff! Here are my new art goals for 2009. Like I said, I make them just so I continue to pay attention and keep alert!
Go Sheree Go!


JafaBrit's Art said...

I love the feathers, and you on the wagon :)

please don't tell me the junk food hasn't been working, dang!!!! You mean I have to stop taking my daily dose, whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

deb said...

Happy new year Sheri! and all who come here!!! Am busy thinking about my goals, etc, but no answers yet, need coffee first!

Sheree Rensel said...

I hate to break this too you, but junk food does NOT work. I finally read the labels. I couldn't find where it says "THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU!"

Sheree Rensel said...

Happy New Year to you too!

BTW, my name is:



namastenancy said...

WHAT! What do you mean that junk food does not make you well? Have we been told a whole bunch of baloney? LOL! Anyway, great photo and great goals - you go girl!

Sheree Rensel said...

No, junk food is junk. This isn't the only problem though. Even some good foods that I love and crave are on my NO NO NO list again. For example, I love rice and beans. Foget abowt it! I just can't do this anymore. Bread is also out of the question. Any kind of starch just makes me look like Miss Piggy. I am coming to the conclusion and realization that if I want to be slim and trim, I have to eat vegetables and fruit with a little chicken on the side. That's it. It is as boring as hell, but I like being on the small side more than I love ice cream and pizza. Moot point. Done deal. See you in the tiny department. LOL LOL

gilda said...

Sheree, I LOVE that picture! Where and how was it taken?

Sheree Rensel said...

I photoshopped that picture! In reality, that wagon is only 18 inches long! I am back to making my fitness videos and I made the first episode of SEASON TWO of the "Adventures of Little Sheree". It is about being back on the fitness "wagon". Watch this video and you will see how tiny that wagon really is. I just took a picture of myself and photoshopped it so I would fit my big butt in that tiny thing! LOL LOL Here is the link to my wagon video: