Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Art Blog: Brain Dead Wednesday

Oh geesh. I wish I could videotape my spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical state at the moment. I wish there was some way to show how wasted I feel. Unfortunately, I can’t because there is no digital camera that can reach into the soul of a person (yet).

I went back to work on Monday. Actually, it has been a pretty good week except for a few vulgar comments directed at me. I can take a few. Overall, things have gone well and we are cranking out creativity. That is a good thing. However, when you come back from a break, there is always a few days of play “catch up”. I am just not into the grind yet.

The problem is transitioning from being an artist 24/7, to going back to being an educator/artist 24/7. It is a shock to my system. I feel like the blood is draining out of my body. I don’t have low energy. I have no energy. This sucks. However, I know I will perk up as the weeks fly. I am already looking forward to the next few weeks. I have a four day week next week. Then, I have to go to work only two days the following week because I am going to a technology conference in Orlando. That should be fun because I will check out the techie sessions, but I am also going to snoop around the art venues there too.

I have to perk up by Friday. I have my opening that night. The show is titled “Cirque Du Surreal”. It is at Salt Creek Artworks in St. Petersburg. The opening is Friday, January 9 from 6pm-10pm. I will videotape during the opening. I am not sure what kind of footage I will get. I am new to this group of artists. We will see. Here is the show announcement. It looks like fun!

Click pic to see a larger view.


deb said...

maybe it is just a low ebb Wednesday, I have been ultra cranky all day, I didn't want to sit in the art department in front of a computer designing a bridal book, I wanted to be at home, organizing my studio and making work, now I am too tired to probably do either of those things, so I am just going to make my kids dinner and then see if anything is left, and I haven't even started teaching yet this semester! I am a crazy woman to think I can keep running on this schedule!

namastenancy said...

I took my cranky self to the studio and just wailed on the three pieces that I'm working on. I have been learning how to paint in oil for several months and I just said "f&*( it" and let my brushes fly. It was great! I have no idea if the pieces are any good or not but I sure worked out my crabby mood.