Thursday, January 29, 2009

Art Blog: FAMOUS Artist

There are all kinds of artists. There are all kinds of galleries. As artists, we make the choices and decisions on where we fit into the artistic world. I am the type of artist who prefers to show my work in less commercial galleries, nonprofit art spaces, cooperatives, or educational venues. Of course, I would love to show my work in a high profile gallery, but not necessarily high profile in regard to big, bucks commercial gallery. Well, there is a thin line on which I am walking. Ahhhh…I am struggling to explain this because I am trying not put my foot in my mouth or offend anyone. Hopefully, some of you will understand what I am getting at here.

OK. So this morning, I was brushing my hair and I heard the TV reporter saying “This is the SUPER BOWL ARTIST extraordinaire!” or something like that. He continued “He shows his work in a billion countries. He shows his work in a trillion galleries. He sells his work like hotcakes and makes a gazillion bucks doing it!” LOL LOL Obviously, I paraphrased a little bit. I dropped the brush in the sink and rolled my eyes as I ran out into the living room to check this guy and his art out. I was already preparing to boo and jeer. I even regretted not having any rotten tomatoes handy for the throwing.

As the reporter interviewed this guy, they panned the gallery full of his “3-D Pop Art” as he calls it(?) This artist’s primary imagery is derived from sporting events. He does serigraph prints. They are super colorful and imagery rich. I stood there looking at them on the TV screen and thought: “Oh. I kind of like these! Very clever!” LOL LOL LOL

My next thought was “Well Sheree………you could do something like this.” You could pick a popular culture topic like sports and make very busy, colorful paintings. Then you could turn them into prints, get an art agent, and make a gazillion dollars too! Yep. I bet all of us could do that. Couldn’t we? Then we would all be very rich and FAMOUS artists, right?
So why don’t we?

Please explain this to me.

Click the pic to see more of the work of “Fazzino”


namastenancy said...

I'm afraid that my comments wouldn't be suitable for public consumption. No wonder so many people have no idea about art. Look what they are taught!

Eero said...

Well, gotta say...some artists make work from a deep place in their psyche/their soul, whatever you'd like to name it. In my art-soul, there just isn't any lurid color or sports themes! Hopefully, my gazillion dollars will come to me anyway! Lol!


Sheree Rensel said...

I am sure you noticed I was tap dancing all over the place trying to write this post.
You are correct. This is an issue of education. popular culture. mass comsumption. mass media. commercialism.

yadda yadda siss boom ba


Sheree Rensel said...

Yeah. I have that spirit and soul problem too. LOL LOL LOL However, I do use lurid colors!! TEE HEE HEE

I would love a gazillion dollars. I kind of think the odds of getting it via the Lotto are better than the odds it will ever come from my art.

( can I get rid of this soul itch???) LOL

JafaBrit's Art said...

hum, well err, hum!!!!! cough!!!!!! People have to err, well you know, have to follow their muse. My muse is leading me up the garden path and out the back gate, but oh well!

Sheree Rensel said...

ROFLMAO! I really hope you meant your comment to be funny because I am laughing my ass off after reading it.
You are a special being.

gilda said...

The way I see it, he does what he wants to do and I do what I want to do. There are some things he won't do and there are some things I won't do, won't even consider. But they arent the same things. Does this make sense?

James said...

While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!