Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art Blog: LA DEE DA!

Well, la dee da, la DEE DA! I am off to go to a technology conference in Orlando. I am going to try to post from there in the next few days. This will depend on the wireless internet situation they have at the hotel. We will see.
When I go there, I usually stay at HoJo’s Hawaiian Village. Sounds classy, doesn’t it? LOL LOL LOL Well this time, I decided to spit in the wind and stay at a place with “PLAZA Resort and Spa” in the title. This sounds kind of intimidating to me. However, I want to see if you get better service if you pay much, much, much more money! LOL LOL Besides, I deserve this.
Talk to y’all later!

This place looks kind of scary to me. Tee hee hee
It sure looks different than HoJos!

Well LA DEE DA has turned to "LA DEE DUH!!!" I am in Orlando. It took me 2 hours to get checked into the "RITZ". Never again. NEVER. What a rip off! I will explain later. :-(


deb said...

Oh I wish I was there too. We have sooo much snow here I can't see over it anymore. yuck! Have fun!!!

Sheree Rensel said...

Well Deb, You are lucky you weren't there with me. It was a horrible hotel and it was around 32 degrees. Steam was rising from the swimming pool. Just terrible. :-(