Saturday, January 10, 2009

Art Blog: Perspectival Response

Sometimes life can be very confusing and frustrating. Gee, I bet this is a shock to all of you!!! LOL LOL I have spent decades reading self help books and tomes of wise life philosophy in hopes of understanding how to cope with life in general. All this self improvement education has helped immensely. However, I still suffer from what some might call “oversensitivity” to the daily grind. I am hurt easily. I wear idealism like a hair shirt. I am not over sensitive. I am passionately sensitive. I react when I see things that make me feel. Like I have said before, I like to rattle the bars. I grip the cold steel and start shaking like mad. I wear myself out trying to escape from my self-imposed cage. It never does anything but make me angrier and more tired.

This life pattern has had a negative impact on my art life. When things don’t go well, I tend to pull back and mull. I have been sidetracked numerous times because something happened to bring me down and then I stew about it for a couple of months.
This is not good.

This morning I took a step in a new direction. Oh I am still going to be passionate and sensitive. I am just changing the way these attributes are expressed. With me there is no grey area. I am either depressed or deliriously happy. I have been trying to find that middle ground my entire life. I think I am coming closer to getting there. Finally!
I have experienced a few disappointments in the past few days. I have felt the ire surging upwards from my toes like a heat wave of emotion. The tsunami is coming. However, this morning I rationally told myself to just STOP! I built a mental dam to prevent myself from drowning in my own frustrations. I am forcing myself to have a new, reactionary perspective. This is good.

We are on the heels of the new year. I stated my art resolutions in a previous post. I am quickly making progress on those. I am already in two shows and I have actually ventured out to an art opening! Great job Sheree! So now it is time to add another resolution. My intuition tells me 2009 is going to be a great year for me art wise. I can feel it down to my soul. Therefore, I am going to resolve to see things with new, less emotional eyes. My response to disappointments is going to be more linear. Rather than taking myself on an emotional roller coaster ride when I hit a snag, I am going to move on to the next adventure without looking back. I have learned everything that happens in your life serves a purpose. Even failures or setbacks serve as learning tools. I realize this moment that if I hadn’t felt crappy about a few things this week, I wouldn’t have been able to reach for this new change in attitude today. This is EXCELLENT!

“Perspectival Response” by Sheree Rensel


Eero said...

A good post! You describe so many things that I recognise in myself.

Beautiful drawing---is it scratchboard? Ink?


Sheree Rensel said...

There is one thing I know for sure when I write this blog. That is, I speak from the heart and I know for sure there has to be other artists who have thought or experienced the same things. That is why I keep writing. I am so glad you can relate!

The drawing was created with a plain old, unexotic, inexpensive #2 pencil.