Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art Blog: PLEASURE Seeker

My mind is in overdrive right now. I have been thinking again. Oh GOD! I spent part of the afternoon gallery sitting (FUN FUN FUN, NOT!) I had brought bunches of stuff to do to keep me busy. One thing I did was to endure my monthly reading of ARTnews magazine. It is so sad, but true. I have come to the realization these art magazines reading sessions have become my own version of walking on hot coals or a glittering bed of broken glass. It is like self inflicted torture. Yet, it isn’t painful in a way I want to stop doing it. Actually, I think it is akin to the pleasurable pain a sadomasochist might feel during a whipping. So I endure, scream OUCH OUCH OUCH, and then fall into a heap of bizarre exhaustion.

You might understand what I mean. Each session is filled with a plethora of emotions that run the gamut. I feel delighted, envious, shocked, jealous, pissed, curious, etc. etc. etc. This month was excitingly brutal. There is their frequent article about “Artists to Watch”. Oh boy, oh boy!

(I had planned on writing a few paragraphs about all these featured, fresh faces. Obviously, I decided against this.
LOL LOL LOL Stop it Sheree!)

As I shuffled the pages forward, I had a scary thought. I realized how my reaction to art has changed over the years. I remember when I would walk into an exhibition or read a magazine and I would “OOOoooooo and AAAhhhhhhhhh!”. I don’t do that much anymore. I just keep shuffling trying to find something, anything that makes me want to feel any kind of “WOW!!!!” That is a rare and elusive reaction these days. However, I am so excited to report I had a spurt of art adrenaline today. I got to the very last page of ARTnews and read the “Critics Choice” article about Alison Elizabeth Taylor.
I am not a fan of marquetry. I don’t care about woodworking. Basically, my knowledge of wood doesn’t extend beyond plywood and Masonite! LOL However, Alison’s image grabbed me in an unusual way. I looked at the photo of her work and realized there was something very different and special about it. I read on. Then my mouth dropped; my eyes squinted closer, and I said aloud “Oh My God!” She created the image using 60 different types of wood. This is a wood inlay “painting”. Huh! This one image made buying ARTnews worth the price. Unbelievable!

Alison Elizabeth Taylor shows her work at James Cohan Gallery. Go look at her work. It is totally amazing in so many ways.


namastenancy said...

Her work is amazing - thanks for the link. I've gotten so blase about the "new faces" that I often don't read the magazine and then feel guilty for being such a cynical sourpuss.

Sheree Rensel said...

I know exactly what you mean. That is why I made the "Shut Up" comment under the pic of Artists to Watch. I am bored with the game. I guess I am jaded.
For some reason I just heard in my mind Diane Keaton recite a line from some movie she was in (Maybe Annie Hall?) Anyway, the phrase "La DEE DA, La DEE Da" came to mind. In other words, "Ho Hum". Yep. I am just bored with it all.