Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art Blog: Saturation

Oh my goodness. I have to say with pride, I am making such grand progress on my art life journey. It seems every day, I have been having new revelations.

I think I am finally growing up! (It is about time!)

Growing up is a good thing as long as you bring the good, childhood baggage with you. Oh geesh! I am hauling big, bright, designer suitcases full of that stuff! It is all good because I realize this is such a wonderful thing if you do it in the right way. My past has made me what I am today.

So I have been talking about my resolutions and my desire to reach for goals that are meaningful to me. The paramount goal of my life is for Sheree to feel happy, content, and proud of me. I am getting so close to that goal, I can taste it. I am so entrenched in art and my art life. I am loving it. Today I was wearing my sweatshirt that says “The person wearing this sweatshirt is an ARTIST”. All day long people kept asking me about my art. It was so cool. Also, I felt so good to be identified as an ARTIST.
I love it.

However, I have to chill out a little bit. Already I am feeling an over saturation of social contact! I am going great guns with all my goals, aspirations, and deadlines. I can hear my psyche scream “STOP STOP STOP”. I am changing things around too fast. I went out on my glorious, reflective, bike riding afternoon on Sunday. Then today, I had to gallery sit. That was an experience! I will write about that in another post. Yesterday, I started taking a Beginning Photoshop class at the art center. Yes, I took the plunge. However, this afternoon I thought “OK, this is enough for this week. No more people please!” LOL LOL

I have been working with Photoshop for about ten years now. However, I wanted to take the beginners course because I am self taught. I do things the Sheree way. Also, I have a very specific skill set when it comes to this program. I want to learn about all the things I never discovered or figured out. Already, I don’t regret taking this class for a minute. Yes, the instructor spoke of things I know already. However, there were a few tips and explanations that made me wide eyed and bushy tailed. I was so excited as I left the class; I felt the class has already paid for itself.
I am a happy techie!

Do NOT do this if you are using Photoshop! My instructor told us even though over saturated pics seem to be the trend, please don’t do this to your photos!
It is just plain LAME! LOL


deb said...

OMG you make me LOL!!! I love you!!

Sheree Rensel said...

I do have a knack for making people laugh. At least I know for sure, people laugh AT ME all the time!!! LOL LOL LOL Some even roll their eyes when I am around. I see this as a good thing. Isn't it??? LOL LOL

I love you too. My goodness. Anybody who continues to read my blah, blah, blah all the time is my BEST FRIEND!