Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art Blog: Sequestered

Deadlines. I love deadlines most of the time. I am one of those people who will diddle daddle around and get nothing done UNLESS there is a deadline. If I have a set date or event for which I have to produce, that deadline sets a fire under my butt. Right now, the bonfire is raging! In fact, the thought has crossed my mind; I have bit off more than I can chew. We will see.

I have been sequestered. I went out yesterday and bought my rations. I have food and beverage to last the next few days. This is going to be a major art weekend. I am not leaving this building at all! I have two projects due in less than two weeks. Neither of them is half done. Burn baby burn! LOL

So, I got up this morning and ran into my studio. Holy Macaroni! Now I hate to even say this because I know all you northerners are freezing your tails off. However, this FLORIDA girl starts shivering at 70 degrees. Really. My Michigan blood has become thinner than water. I am cold all the time unless it is humid and sweaty hot. As I grabbed the paint and started stirring, my hands started aching. I looked at the thermometer and it was 44 degrees out there. After painting for twenty minutes, my hands were numb. Seriously!

I put on a few coats and ran into my computer room. I have heat in there. Luckily, one of my deadline projects is digital. Therefore, I will be able to run back and forth from heat to cold and back again. This will give me time for my hands to thaw out. I am waiting for paint to dry. I am working on my computer project now.

“The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!”

PLEASE SUN, come out. Sheree needs her hands warm to paint! :-)


gilda said...

I love deadlines too. Have to have them so there is a finite beginning and end to my thought patterns. This is not just in my art-making processes, but at work too.

At school my department administrator tells me what I have to accomplish this week, or this month, and then I do it. Then she checks it off the list. Then adds more to the list.

In my studio I have to be both artist and administrator! Making and monitoring my own list.But when I think about it I have been doing that forever.

Temperature is all relative.....outside today it is 15 degrees, when i stepped inside my studio today I thought I would choke from the heat---and it was only 55 degrees inside!
Its good that you and I are both flexible and adaptable!

namastenancy said...

Ah, I'm with gilda. Once the temperature gets above 60, I am uncomfortable. Over 70, it's a heat wave and over 80---I can't function. But if you need the Florida heat to be creative, then GO FOR IT!