Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art Blog: Psycho Artist

Don’t look! Don't LOOK! LOL LOL

Don’t look! LOL LOL Yes. I am in one of my all or nothing creativity modes. THIS IS NOT A STAGED PHOTO. I actually look like this right now. Scary, huh? I was working in my studio and I looked up in the mirror and shocked myself! I haven’t changed clothes, took a shower, or brushed my hair since Friday. I am in the ZONE. The creative zone!

When I said I liked deadlines the other day, I didn’t mention the craziness that goes on with these dates. This time I cut it too close. I have been crazy out of my mind working. I actually had moments when I thought, “I don’t know if I am going to make it this time!” I was having a very hard time coming to a point of resolution on the pieces I wanted to send.

Yesterday, I hated them both. However, it is so funny. I kept working and working, and working. Finally, I got to a point in which I am satisfied at least with the ones I want to send away. In fact, they make me smile!

After seeing the frightful sight of my image in the mirror, I was scurrying around the house prepping for shipping these little pieces. I noticed how my studio practices have spilled out into my living area. I have crap all over the place. Every brush I own is dirty. I have junk strewn all over my kitchen and other rooms too!

It is all good. I finally varnished the LOVE pieces which I am sending off for a show. I scheduled a FedEx pickup. I have to wait until they dry to pack them. Finally, I feel RELIEF.

I have one more deadline this week. I have it covered. About an hour ago, I decided to start to get the loose ends of that project finished. I started and then said “STOP!”. I need a timeout. There is a house to straighten up and a dinner to cook. It will get done in the next few days. I will be able to work on this until Thursday when I plan to ship that one out. In the meantime, take a look at my LOVE pieces. I love them. However, I don’t think the yellow one is truly resolved. It doesn’t matter. I am not submitting that one. These pieces were done for the fun of it. It is for an exhibition called the LOVE SHOW in Arkansas. I will add these pieces to my

In the meantime, I have to say: I am tired.




Talk to you soon about my last deadline. That is a humdinger!!! LOL


gilda said...

these are crazy great pieces!

gilda said...

also i seem to remember a piece you made that had a multicolored hand in it! I love this portrait photo!

Sheree Rensel said...

It is so, so funny. I made these on a fluke. I saw this "LOVE SHOW" prospectus and I thought I would make some dorky heart things. Besides, I need to make some stuff that is more marketable. Anyway, I hated every minute of making these. But today, I finished them and I sat there staring at them. I didn't want to box them up! They were just too cute! LOL LOL LOL

Maybe this will end up being another one of my sidelines. Maybe I will become the LOVE ARTIST! LOL LOL LOL

Thanks for the thumbs up. I like the sound of CRAZY GREAT. Tee hee hee

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh GOD! That picture is so horrendous! I had to show it though because I was out in the studio and I turned around and saw myself in the mirror. I literally scared myself! LOL LOL My hair was standing on end. I was filthy dirty. I looked like some spooky, old lady who had just escaped from the asylum.

You mentioned a few posts ago, I was on a roll. Yeah, I am on a roll to ART LA LA LAND!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I has so much fun reading your blog today and looking at the pics. What a wild woman you are, me like!

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh yeah Jaf! Of course we are alike! Why do you think I come on your blog every week and tell you how wonderful you are! It is like talking to myself! LOL LOL LOL LOL

deb said...

I think I need to buy the love yourself one and hang it in front of my face!! Good to know we all look like this from time to time, well actually I look like that a lot! Good luck with the sketchbook project, no idea if I will finish mine....