Sunday, March 15, 2009


I took this weekend to chill out because I was going bonkers the past few days. I know myself well. I know when I am heading for an emotional crash. Luckily, I can now stop myself from falling to the ground head first with a big splat! As I regained my energy and my brain became more alert today, I realized something very interesting happened this week.

This revelation came while watching Suze Orman on “Sunday Morning” today. I love Suze Orman. However, I can’t watch her show regularly because I want to throw shoes at the television when she tells someone with over 100K in savings they can’t afford an iPod. SHUT UP!! She might be right, but I get jealous of anyone with that much money in the bank. My Bad! LOL LOL

Anyway, today she gave simple advice that could be applied to us “little people” to help weather the economic storm.
1. Look ahead, not backwards. What is done is done. If you have lost money or the value of your home, it is what it is. Move on.
2. Create an emergency fund. Even if you have to pay the minimum on your credit cards, start creating an emergency fund first.
3. Keep investing wisely. Don’t stop putting money away if you have a retirement fund.
4. Pay off your mortgage. Even if you pay a little bit more each month, keep doing it!

Finally, she said things in which I can relate. All she said made sense to me and made me feel a teeny bit more secure. I have been pretty poor all my life, but when my daughter left a couple of years ago, I finally started to do all four of those things she advised. HOORAY! I am certainly not immune to the financial crisis, but at least I don’t feel so frail now.

Almost immediately I thought about my ART IMMUNE SYSTEM. We all have to be healthy in every way. We need to be prepared for our art life ups and downs. Just as we don’t want to end up being financially vulnerable, we have to take care of our art selves too! For example, this week I took 3 rejection hits. Monday and Wednesday I got news of rejections. It didn’t even faze me. I walked straight into the kitchen, threw the notices in the trash, and got busy with some projects. Friday’s rejection was a totally different story. I went berserk. I started doubting myself and my art again. I drooped for nearly 48 hours. I felt like I wanted to punch somebody. So why did I have the different reactions? This is easy. I didn’t eat well during the last half of the week, didn't get to bed early enough, and I was overtired when I got home on Friday. I wasn’t taking care of my own artist’s immune system. Even after all these years, I am still learning!

So what do you do to protect your

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