Friday, March 13, 2009

Art Blog: Exhibition Jurors

I am a smart cookie. At least, I like to think I am. As I go full force while focusing on my art life, I have been entering shows like a mad woman. I have a routine. I find a prospectus, read it, research the juror, and then decide if it is worth it to apply. My criteria of the “worth” is manifested by facts. What is the type of gallery, the location of the gallery, and notoriety/history of the juror? In other words, do I have a chance to get into the show and will it give me a bang for my buck?

The last few weeks I have been on another REJECTION tour. Yes, I am being reminded weekly, my art is crappy. Ironically, I made up my mind a week or two ago, that I will never do another “States of Being” painting if one doesn’t get in at least one show soon. I set a deadline. I had the last show in mind. Today, I got another big “R”. So I am saying goodbye to that series. Apparently, it has art cooties. I have two or three in progress. I will finish them and call it a day. No more. Obviously, nobody is “getting” or wants them. They must be stupid, idiotic, boring, painted badly, whatever. Too bad. I like them. I think they hold their own. Wrong again, Sheree!

Oh well.

However, I am very excited about today’s rejection because I had a grand revelation! When I entered this last show, I saw the juror was from Michigan and had moved to Florida. I have known of him since I lived in Detroit. I was surprised to find out that he lives in Florida now. When I researched this juror, for some reason I kept thinking of that connection. You know “Michigan to Florida”. Maybe he will respond to my work(?) Well he didn’t.

As I ripped the exhibition selection results envelope open today and saw I was rejected, the very first thing I thought was “HE REJECTED ME????” Then I stopped for a moment. I thought. I asked myself why I had that reaction. I realized it is because I hate his art. In fact if I think about this, I am not surprised at all. We aren’t of the same art ilk. I have been a juror. Within just a couple of minutes, I had a daydream scenario. If he had submitted work to a show I was jurying, would I select his work?


So now, I have another way to look at things when I enter juried shows. It is another piece of the criteria puzzle. From now on if the juror is an artist, I will ask myself, would I jury his/her work into a show?

Bye bye “States of Being” series.
Apparently you SUCK!
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gilda said...

Sheree, I am assuming that you are being facetious when you say you are going to give up working on a series because some faceless distant beings reject it. STATES OF BEING is a wonderful premise for a body of work.

Sheree Rensel said...

NO. I am not kidding. I have entered those in so many shows and they get REJECTED ever time. I don't get it at all. I could see if it was once in a while, but every time??? Geesh!! You know this last juror. I will send you an email to let you know who it was. LOL LOL LOL

Sheree Rensel said...

Gilda, Like I said, I think I have ART COOTIES!!! LOL LOL LOL

Gayle said...

I enjoyed looking through your series. I'm convinced that most critics/jurors are numbnuts and it's probably a badge of honor to be rejected by most of them. My two cents: Remain true to your artistic instincts and don't give up expressing your deepest wishes/fears/dreams. It's really the only thing we have as artists (spoken like the all-knowing, wise one that I am HA! HA!--but I'm trying to ingrain that thought myself!) There are people who appreciate your work, including me. Was your "Fear" painting ever shown in the Maitland Art Museum? It somehow brings back a memory for me.

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you Gayle for your encouraging words. You are right. I know I should just keep on keeping on. Regarding "Fear", I know I was in a show at the Maitland Art Center back a few years ago. I can't remember what I sent up there. I don't think that painting was sent there, but it might have been. Back then, I didn't keep track of what paintings went where. LOL

Gayle said...

That's one painting I'll never forget--Fear. When I saw it at the Maitland Art Center, it blew me away. You see, among my many fears and phobias, is an irrational fear of bridges and drowning--an unfortunate affliction when you live in Florida! Your painting struck a nerve with me--both fear and humor(a complex mix of emotions to say the least.) It's the only painting I can recall from that show.