Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art Blog: IN SYNC

You know you do it. I do it. We all do it. There are times when we think about our art and wonder “Is is me? Maybe I am just not with the program. Maybe my art really sucks. Maybe I am out of touch. Maybe I am out of sync with the world?????????”

I have spoken about rejection lately. This is because I am on a rampage entering a lot of shows. Of course I will be rejected from some, but I have been getting into quite a few too. Even though I still try so hard to be optimistic and change a life of glass half empty thinking, negativity still rears its ugly head every so often. The biggest problem with this in regard to art is I forget about the successes and focus on the rejections. This is not good.

This last time I wrote about being rejected, my friend Gilda emailed me. We exchanged emails back and forth. To sum it up, I confessed to her that I have been thinking I am just heading in the wrong direction with my work. This confession was during a blue funk that lasted only one day. It was on the heels of a rejection I took hard. However during our email conversation, I also mentioned a bit of confusion I was having. My mind was telling me to think of something different to do art wise, but then my eyes saw this:

Left: The work of artist, Shadi Ghadirian. “Untitled” from the Like Everyday Series featured in a show at Art Threat.
Right: My own mixed media painting “Translation”.

When I saw her work, I just laughed because it was so similar to one of my own pieces. It gave me a nudge and I thought maybe I am not as out of the loop as I think. Then I got another nudge. Today I saw this:

Left: A photo on the National Geographic website showing a digital rendition of locations of all the “space junk” surrounding our earth.
Right: My own painting/collage titled “Universal Dump”

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I had also mentioned to Gilda I have many pieces that NEVER get chosen. I have no idea why. One such piece is “Happy?” I love this painting. I just love it. To me it is funny and tragic all at the same time. Today it was chosen! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!! In fact, it will be in the Southern Open in Louisiana. The juror was New York-based critic and contributing editor to Art in America, Eleanor Heartney. Yeah! I will take that! I trust her judgment far more than the last few fuddy duddy jurors who gave me the boot!

So the moral of this story (are you listening Sheree) is not to change what you are doing with your art, but change the way you think about your art life!

OKEY DOKEY. Sounds like good advice to me!

“Happy?”, Sheree Rensel, acrylic/mixed media/ canvas
This baby is on its way to Louisiana!
Another star for my Exhibition Chart!


Eero said...


Thought and belief about our art keeps us going. Yeah...I have the doubtful blues, too.

I chart my acceptances and rejections with a list of smiley and frowny faces on the wall. Very mature, LoL! It works, though. It's good to count them up, one against the other, and see where I stand for the year.


deb said...

Good Advice, I'll try to take it!

RJ said...

Hi Sheree-- I have not been by in a while, thought I would check in today. I picked a good day! Congratulations on "Happy?" being selected for the show. Tragic and funny, yes; also creepy and scary. I love it!!!



p.s. I have been posting some Obama-related art lately... there's this whole Obama (often nude!) with unicorns thing going on, it's extremely weird. If you or anyone else can decipher the meaning/symbolism of this, let me know. I don't have a clue-- it's just too frickin' weird! (new student artwork as well)

Sheree Rensel said...

The weird thing for me is I have the blues and then the happys back and forth from day to day. I am weird like that.
I NEVER keep my rejection slips ever. I don't want to keep negative energy around me. I just let it go. I do keep a record of my exhibition history on a chart, but I keep the rejection page out of sight. I just don't need to be reminded. :-)

Sheree Rensel said...

Deb, I am glad you think it is good advice. Now try HARD to take it! :-)

Sheree Rensel said...

Long time no see! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, creepy/scary. LOL I love it too!

Oh that Obama stuff on your blog, those are terrible scary. I don't like those! YIKES!