Saturday, April 4, 2009

Art Blog: Break the REAR VIEW MIRROR

Call me romantic. Call me an idiot. Call me whatever. I am an artist immersed in my art life. Every day, every event, and every moment is related to art in some way. I have made it that way. It is intentional. I am lucky. I have carved and honed this situation to a precise fit. It has been a long time coming. I am a free art bird. I love and deserve every minute of it.

Consequently each day as I work in my studio, teach, or partake in my leisure activities (internet, TV, occasional movie), I take every morsel of information and apply it to my life as an artist. I can’t help it. I am that driven.

I love Suze Orman. My only regret and frustration is I don’t have the financial “numbers” worthwhile enough for her to crunch. I am not in the Orman league. Yet, I still love to listen to her and dream. I have made progress with my meager funds. I can remember a time twenty years ago, I would pull up to an ATM machine and ask for $10. I would see that dreaded message on the screen “Declined for insufficient funds”. Things are much different now. I have much more of an income. However, my bills have increased exponentially.

Therefore, it is important I pay attention to my past and present. My current focus is learning to be money wise. I have stopped wasting so much money. This is quite a feat. I have been frugal all my life. To this day, I rarely eat out or turn on my air conditioning or heat. Hardly, ever! However, I do buy more STUFF (art books/videos) than I need or even want. I have taken her advice and at least, started to become aware of what I spend and how I can cut back.

I saw Suze on Oprah the other day. I listened, learned, and applied it to my art life. She spoke of not looking in the rear view mirror. Don’t look back on what you have HAD. Instead, look at what you HAVE now. Of course, she was talking about money and economic substance. I turned it around. I am an artist with a history. In fact, I have already had a pretty great art life compared to many artists. I have been in galleries. I have sold a lot of art. I have met famous artists. I have trolled around SoHo. I have had studio visits by Jaquar driving collectors. I have been a minnow in a medium sized art pond. Yet, none of this past experience matters. What matters is what is happening now in my art life. I need to shatter that rear view mirror and move on. I am doing that. I am interested in the new. I am interested in 2009 and beyond. I am interested in my current art life and trying to figure out how I can make it PAY OFF.
Right Suze?

If you keep looking in the rear view mirror while driving, you are not focusing on what is going on in front of your car. Be careful. LOOK ahead.
Otherwise, you will CRASH!
I have learned this.

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