Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art Blog: Have You Bought Your PIXELS?

I bought pixels on The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage

Rhizome.org is trying to raise funds. They have created a webpage titled the “Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage”. They are asking people to buy pixels. I did!
Pixels must be bought in 10 pixel x 10 pixel blocks (ie - 10x10, 40x100, 200 x 350, etc.) with each block costing $5. This is a great way to support this great organization. It is a cool project too! Check it out!

Click pic to go and learn more!
Buy some pixels!


Terry (kettlebellguy.com) said...

Wow, do you get to keep the center square? I found your spot right off.


Sheree Rensel said...

Terry, It is so funny you mentioned this. I was so excited to BUY that middle spot. In a VERY small way, I felt like I knew what it was like to be rich. I see these people with lots of money and watch as they do whatever they want. I always wonder what that life is like. However when I bought those pixels, it was easy and worth it to me. I had a fleeting feeling of "buying happiness". It helps the cause and is good advertising. The weird part is I doubt I would have done it if I didn't have my teaching job to support the economic requirements. Chalk on up for having a "day job".
I love the spot I got. I think it is very cool. :-)

Anne said...

It's a beautiful blog. Amazing because my blog (in french) is Art et Vie...!!!