Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art Blog: PLANNING for Miracles

This is the busiest time of year for me. My day job is coming to an end. In fact, I count the days. In 26 business days, I will be FREE for 10 full weeks. When I say I will be “free”, I mean really free. I will not have any obligations other than to feed my dog and make art. That is a wonderful vision. So, it is OK with me, albeit stressful that the next 20+ days will be full of chaos due to the necessity to tie up loose ends.

I can’t wait until the first week of June. I spent last summer applying for new jobs. I am not going to do that this year. I have come to the realization I am meant to be where I am. Of course, the state of economy plays a role in this decision. However to be very honest, I don’t want to move away from my art house. Nor do I want to give up my current day job. This year, I realized I have the best of both worlds. I am an artist. I am an artist who teaches. I make more money (with benefits) than I would ever make trying to sell MY art (as is). The job I have now is so familiar and I am so good at it, it is easy for me. I just get up every day, go do my job, and then there is my studio time at the end of the day. I get to create stuff for seven hours a day. When I leave work, I am so dirty; it looks like I have been working in my studio all day. Also, I get lots of days off with pay. Yes, it can be stressful, but I have been handling that for 16 years now. I am not going to fold. I finally figured out, this isn’t a bad deal.

This year, I need every minute of the summer to paint. The reason this is so urgent is because I feel it coming. I know for sure, the stuff I am going to create in the next six months to a year is going to knock my socks off. I just know that. I see the progression of what is happening in my art life and my art mind. It is like I planned it this way. In some ways I did.

This is going to go down on record as the BEST time of my life. Finally, I have everything I need to be the artist I am. I have time, energy, money, security, and a very nice place to make it all happen. Just today, I just finished signing forms, primping art, making a FedEx shipping appointment, and packing it all to go to a show. This baby is going to Loooooouisiana! I love it. That’s another star for my United States exhibition chart! Whoopeeeeee! Good stuff is happening now and I deserve every bit of it! Yes. I planned all this. In a weird way, my past has led me to this point in my life. In other words, I was planning for miracles all along.

P.S. Speaking of my exhibition chart, does anybody in Hawaii want to show my art? I need a star on my chart for your state. LOL


kathy casey said...

YES!counting down the days with you!

Sheree Rensel said...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, You get the idea!! LOL


JafaBrit's Art said...

woo hoo, what a GREAT attitude, I LOVE it. I want to see it happen for you too :)

Terry ( said...

As always I get a kick out of my teacher friends this time of year. All I have to say is "How Many?" and they know the exact number of days left. Some even have it down to hours.

I am happy to see you ready to embrace this summer with your plans. I know last year this time was a much different story.

It's going to be in the 80's again today. I guess we just forgot about spring this year. Furnace one day, AC the next.


Sheree Rensel said...

At least I am trying!!

Sheree Rensel said...

Shoot, it was 90 here today. I am in so much trouble. I feel so yucky about myself, I don't want to take my big sweatshirts off. I have to now though because of the heat. However, this will be part of my summer plan. One more doctor's appointment and I am getting back on track. I fired my physical therapists. They were doing more harm than good! They even admitted they told me to do the wrong things. Dummies! At least, I am mobile again. I have a long road ahead of me to get back to into speed demon shape. I will get there though! :-)

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

AWEsome! Bravo! And :yessssss!!!
This is the reason why I encouraged my partner to go ahead and get his art teaching certification! And why, as well you know: this is our last day of summer camps!
I totally understand your enthusiasm and your choices!

gilda said...

I am counting down the days until May 15!! That is my freedom least briefly, because I am teaching an encaustic class this summer. But I will be able to paint at school for demos so its okay.

I'm also going to follow your lead with getting on track physically. This administration job has me sitting behind a desk everyday, and I have gained weight. My vacation means time to go to the gym!

Sheree Rensel said...

HOLD ON NOW CLAUDIA! In no way am I excited I teach or have a teaching certificate. NO NO NO. In fact, I consider my certifications as "Plan B" and "Plan C". I really didn't want any of this. However, I have found it makes my life easier. It does NOT make my life more enjoyable. To be honest, I could give up teaching tomorrow without one regret. This is the truth.

Sheree Rensel said...

Gilda, I want to get back to the place in which my physical self and my everyday activities will occur regardless of my job/life situation. I haven't stopped working out because of my job. I have had problems because of an exercise injury. I will get back to my old routine soon. It just happens that that time period appears to be this summer. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I hope things go well for you too.