Saturday, May 23, 2009

Art Blog: Art MODE

Oh my. Oh my. I hacked my way into my studio today. I say “hacked” because I still had all kinds of crap in my way. I bought a new washer and dryer. In order for the delivery people to have an easier job, I temporarily moved all kinds of laundry room stuff into my studio. This morning, I took care of this. I put everything back in it's place. Now, my studio is my studio. Thank goodness.

I started to paint. Oh my. Oh my. AGAIN! I realized one of my problems (challenges?). Sometimes, there are times when there are gaps in my productivity due to LIFE circumstances. This causes problems because I lose my momentum. I am working on lots of stuff. I don’t think anything is really working right now. My solution to this is to just keep painting.

One thing I have learned is artists need to get into an “art mode”. I know what this is because I have been there many, many times before. It takes time to get your mindset back to reflect your artist’s self. I realize there is this interim period of time when this mindset is elusive. It is like an athlete getting into the “ZONE”. You have to work and get the muscles moving in order for the appropriate brain cells to function at full speed. Waiting for this to happen can be very frustrating. Not to mention, the isolation of my studio is freaking me out. I feel so alone in there.

One thing I have learned in the past month is to post work when it is DONE. I am no longer interested in posting work “in progress”. The reason I am making this decision is because I don’t like the feel of that pressure. If I wait until I have a piece finished and ready to show, there are no questions. It is finished. There it is. It is a reality! However I have noticed (for me anyway) that if I post photos or comments about works in progress, everything goes to hell. This is why I haven’t shown my newest work. It is all garbage because I talked about it before I should have! LOL

So, I will refrain from now on. I am showing only work ready to show. I will show little snippets of ideas. Like this one. I just love this tiny passage I have created on one of my “Treasure Map” works. That yellow and black “caution tape” makes me laugh and it makes me interested. Let’s see what happens here.

In the meantime, I am preparing to send myself into the art ZONE. In just six more work days, I will only have to worry about my art. I will have freedom at last. Ten weeks to think ONLY about art is a wonderful thing.

There will be issues though. One of my terrible faults is I am a THINKER. I found this video in which the artist, Greg Parker speaks on creativity. YEP! I love this. I think the same things. Now, I just have to apply my philosophies to my art making.

I can do this!

Click pic to watch video
This video from David McDonald’s series “The Mystery of Creativity” presents painter Greg Parker speaking about the mindset of creativity. This guy is a smart cookie! Watch and think (along with me!)


namastenancy said...

Ah yes - the difficulty of getting into the Art Zone. I was getting there after a difficult semester at school and then, somebody stole my wallet. I'm frantically canceling the credit card and making a list of all that I have to do next week. My main concern is ID theft as my California Senior ID was in the wallet. I don't know what I can do about that yet; it's the weekend and everything is shut down. But my brain is skittering from place to place and I can't concentrate on anything artistic.

JafaBrit's Art said...

eek namastenancy, hope you are able to get it sorted asap.

excellent video, thanks for posting it and sharing your thoughts. getting in the zone I think sometimes requires a bit planning yes?
My fave drawing teacher said ritual informs the brain that it is time to do a specific task and so every morning in his studio he would spend 30 mins sweeping his floor with an old fashioned broom. By the time he was done he was ready to get into working on studio work.
My ritual used to be a cup of tea and a fag, which I miss. Can't smoke and too hot for tea. Still haven't found a ritual that makes me happy yet. Maybe I need to work on that lol!

Alison said...

Interesting post, Sheree. As well as getting into it, I find it hard to come out of 'the zone', & my family keep asking if I am OK, am I upset with them... when I am in 'the zone' I really can't verbally communicate with anyone and don't want to. Artists must be hard to live with.


Sheree Rensel said...

Oh the wallet theft story is familiar. My daughter had her wallet stolen TWO times in one year. It was a nightmare. I understand your panic. I hope things get straightened out. Even still, I know this can be so frustrating and really piss you off. Good luck!

Sheree Rensel said...

Jaf, It is funny you mentioned ritual. I have been thinking about ritual and routine all week long. This is one of my "issues" right now. I feel crappy. I think it is because I have no structure. This concerns me because in another week, I will have NO structure. I have to start to organize a schedule for myself. Otherwise, I am going to turn into a blithering blob. It is time for me to gear up because I feel like I am going down a hill really fast.

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh Allison, I understand this totally. I think that is why I have been single most of my life. I will admit, I am a bitch when I am in the zone. I think it is because I am so into what I am doing art-wise, I don't want anyone to poke my "art bubble". Even I realize I am very irritable when I get into that mental space. Thus, I am alone. However, I like it. I don't have to tell anybody, "Just leave me alone!" LOL