Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Blog: Tonight is the NIGHT!

Since I was born and raised in Michigan, I have never really gotten accustomed to some things down here in the south. One thing that amazes me every year is the Night-Blooming Cereus I have growing in my front yard. I planted about three six inch sprigs next to my oak tree about 7 years ago. That cactus has grown 30 feet up the tree! The most bizarre thing about this plant is it blooms only one time per year at NIGHT. The blooms start to open at sunset and wither away by the next sunrise.
Too weird.

I have been watching the fuzzy blooms accumulate the last few days. Today the flower pedals are showing. I rushed out to take a few shots because tonight is the night they will bloom. The blossoms are huge. Some can get as large as twelve inches across!

Here are the pics I just took. The sun is setting now. I will go out later tonight and try to get some shots when they open. Crazy weird!

Night-Blooming Cereus
Queen of the Night ~ Deer-Horn Cactus
Peniocereus greggii
(Cereus greggii)


olivosartstudio said...

Oh my! These are absolutely gorgeous!
I love, adore is the only type of plant I *try* to have inside our home... wish I could grow one of these climbing up one of our walls!

deb said...

wow that is totally awesome... now I am going to have to drive all the way down there sometime to see it in person!