Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art Blog: Your TRUE Art Self

It has been a wonderful week in the studio. I am getting so much done. Ideas are coming faster than I can write them down. This is my heaven! I had hit a wall a few months ago and didn’t understand why I was struggling to make my art. In some bizarre way, I had embraced some very weird thoughts about my own work. I had decided I hate the way I make art. I hate the way ALL my art looks. I hated my methods. Therefore, I decided to change everything. I have been experimenting with new ways. I even set up some restrictions for myself. I had decided to just paint. I forbade myself to add words or stuff to the canvas. I thought I needed to add subtlety to my palette so my work didn’t look like it belonged in the Ringling Bros. circus!

Well, that didn’t work. LOL A few weeks ago, I just threw in the towel and decided to be me again. I have no idea why I have this compulsion to add crap to my canvas. I know I love to incorporate words. There is a story behind that, but I will explain in another post. Anyway as I worked on my “Treasure Maps”, I just went with my gut. I broke my own rules. I used bright colors. I added collage elements. I added sand and grit. Even the words appeared again. Oh well. It really felt good to find Sheree alive and well!

Even though I am getting older, I still learn things every day. This past Tuesday while working in the studio, I had the pleasure of listening to Art Focus with Eva Lake. This week she interviewed painter, Arvie Smith. As I listened to him speak, I had to grin and nod my head: YES! His words were so timely. He too uses bright and bold colors. He made no apologies. Also, he spoke of being true to himself. This made me smile big.

Here is another one of my new babies. It is part of the “Treasure Map” series. I finally understand what these maps are about and why they are important to me. I will speak on this issue later. In the meantime, I want to remind all of you to always
be true to your ART SELF!

Click pics for detail views

“We Are Not In Kansas Anymore!”
Sheree Rensel
Acrylic/Mixed Media/Canvas, 24” X 36”

Just like the last piece I showed, this painting has a zillion layers. The difference is I kept sanding this one down nearly to the surface of the canvas. Finally, I got to this resolution. Hooray!!



hazel colditz said...

i love the use of bold colors! "to thine ownself be true" shines brightly!
since i'm on my road trip i totally dig your use of maps!
love your post as humans we are in constant change...ebb/flow is what i tell my daughters, the only constant in life....change /or as i like to call it, rebirth!

Eva said...

Hey Sheree ~ Welcome to the Bold Color Club! I am chairman! Glad you liked the interview.

steven edward streight said...

I love your work. But I often change my style, because I feel I've exhausted the possibilities and it's time to do something new and uncharacteristic.

I go from making music with old Casios to using virtual online instrument simulations, then to musique concrete, then to slide whistles and harmonicas through digital sampler delays.

In my video art, I was experimenting with "video painting", filtering tiny keyframes to different colors, making them psychedelic, etc. But now I'm doing horizontal mirroring and kaleidoscopes with overlays and image superimpositions.

Keep putting "stuff like words" into your paintings. I dig them.

deb said...

Sheree these look like you but different, I like where you are going... right before I stopped painting I had even started ripping holes in my canvases. I found some when I was cleaning my studio... maybe I'll revisit them! I love how these "feel" I wish I could see that sanded canvas up close and feel all those layers, looking forward to watching these grow all summer...

deborah said...

Hi Sheree. I am wondering if you are the one who left a comment on my Facebook site about the January "Art Calendar" cover? It only just now occurred to me to see if I could find you! I love your work - the way you allow yourself to throw anything out there and see what happens. Ironically, I grew up in Kansas, and am glad I'm not There Anymore! I live in New Mexico now, which suits me much better. Thank you for the comment on my image, if it was indeed you! Let me know.

deborah said...

Also, another link (apart from the Kansas one). I went to graduate school with Arvie Smith - well, actually, he was at MICA just after me, but we knew each other. Interesting to hear his name again...

Sheree Rensel said...

hanks to all who posted comments here. I don't have any responses because I am going through a passage. I have learned recently not to post pictures of work in progress. I have succeeded in the past months by not doing that.

Now a new issue has surface. I can't comment on new work. I have to let it sit and digest. In fact, I probably won't see this work clearly for months.

Thanks again for all your kind words. I LOVE your comments!