Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Blog: Dead Horses

One thing that is on my priority list right now is clearing out some of this deadwood work lying around. I decided not to start anything new until I find a resolution to some of the work I have already started. I work on many paintings at once. I alternate between those in progress in my studio. Sometimes, I lose interest in one or the other and put them aside. I might get back to them eventually. Sometimes, they sit there for months (years?). This is just fine with me. I call these discarded pieces “Dead Horses”.

I rarely throw these pieces out. Usually, I stare at them, swear at them, and then think what I will do to them if I ever get back to them. One such painting is “FRANTIC”. I worked on this painting for a long time last year. I hated it from the beginning. I have no idea why I kept working on it as long as I did. It was awful. Besides looking very ugly, it didn’t fit its theme. A few months ago, I started to paint over it. Then it sat for a while again. Last week, I got it out again. I finally resolved it. I really like it now!

“FRANTIC” is part of my “States of Being” series. These are paintings that have one word that would follow the phrase: “I am ….” I have included a brief time lapsed video of the transformation of this painting. I am glad I got this done!

By Sheree Rensel
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Gayle said...

Wow--that was quite a leap from the green paint to the red. I enjoyed watching your vid and like your resolution. I'm inspired to try my hand at resolving my many "dead horses." "The beginning is the most important part of the work" according to Plato--so I better get off my butt and start.

Miriam's Art Journal said...

I enjoyed the video and will slowly watch all your other videos this week......Thanks for always being an make me want to paint again...