Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Art Blog: Mortality

I think it is rather common that once you get to a certain age, it hits you. This isn’t going to last forever. Of course, this revelation is startling at first. In the past few years, I have thought about this frequently. I look at all the stuff, collections, and projects all around my home and studio. I realize I could drop dead tomorrow. We just never know. Sometimes, I wonder what will happen to all this junk.

I have written about atree3 (Margaret Fabrizio) a number of times on this blog. I love watching her videos because she is funny, interesting, and creative. Also, she has a sharp wit and endless wisdom. I admire her so much. She is turning 80 next March. She just put out two new videos about her “Loose Ends Project”. She has decided to try to organize her life and legacy. I will let her explain. She does this so well. As you watch, think about how this relates to your own life.
Do you have any “loose ends”?

Part 1 = atree3

Part 2 = atree3


John said...

These are great!

namastenancy said...

WOW! Did anybody tell you that you give great links? (LOL!). I was listening to this lady and admiring her wit and wisdom. I'm grateful every day for my second career as an artist and a painter but I am also aware of my mortality. Maybe my 30+ years of hospital work have given me that insight. But I sure wish my mother had more insight - 90 years and still a difficult, demanding diva who wants to deny Mother Age as long as she can. Seven or eight face lifts, an expensive wardrobe, jewelry - she's done everything to gussy up the body and nothing to develop the mind or the spirit. It's difficult for my sister and I to deal with as her cheapness affected some fairly major things in our lives - like going to college! She continues to collect bling while never coming to terms with her life or what she did to us.

namastenancy said...

I did some more research on this lady. What a fabulous, creative, fulfilled life. I wonder if people like my mother hang on so tightly to stuff because they have never felt fulfilled?

Terry ( said...

I am really anxious to see what she does with this project. My Mother is going to be 84 and she talks often about the same thing, getting rid of things.