Thursday, September 10, 2009


As many of you know, my day job involves working with students who are tough, street kids. The reason I have been able to survive for the past 16 years working with these darlings is because I am a street kid too. I have spent a lot of years walking the streets of DEE-troit. Even as a teenager, I hitchhiked alone all over Detroit. Oh the stories I could tell!!! Thinking of this now sends shivers up my spine. I put myself is so much danger back then.

Even as I grew a bit older, my tiny daughter and I roamed the streets amongst all kinds of unsavory characters. I was never afraid. I looked thugs straight in the eyes. If a text bubble appeared over their heads, it would read “She would be too much trouble!”. They would be right. I am small, but if it came down to it, I would be like a rabid Chihuahua. Believe me, I would fight to the death. Criminal types usually know and can feel who to target. It isn’t my type of person.

In other words if you push me, I push back. This is a terrible trait to have in these times of being “politically correct”. I am not. I never have been and never will be. I say what I want and if it rocks boats, oh well. I am honest.
I am never mean or unreasonable. If I say things that make other people shrink, it is because my words speak the truth others are afraid to say. In some ways, I see this as such a great attribute to have. I feel proud that I don’t fear speaking about what is really going on and not pretending. I am not interested in speaking fiction or spout out soothing words that land like kisses on someone’s butt. I just can’t do that.

Even if my mouth causes me to be shunned or blackballed, that is fine with me. I speak with good intention and stand up for my rights and the causes of others. If I lose the people who disagree, so be it. They were never my friends anyway.

“I am BAD”
Sheree Rensel
Acrylic on Canvas
8” X 10”
Click pic for detail view


namastenancy said...

You go gurl! Still, I hope that you can survive and thrive and that those who are giving you grief will be the ones to move along.

Martha Marshall said...

I love it, Sheree! I can just picture those thought bubbles as the bad guys decided to keep their distance!! Yep, not surprised.

kathy casey said...


Terry ( said...

The DEE-troit made me smile because I am always saying DA-troit, although I have been corrected on more than one occasion. Somehow that is how I learned to pronounce it.

Hope all the issues swirling around you get some resolution.

Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

She may be bad, but (me being English) she is also a rather nice and good woman.
There is nothing negative in knowing what you believe in Sheree.

Kelly said...

well said! i love this piece and i love your comments about it. political correctness has gone too far in my book! :-)