Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art Blog: In Search of JOY

You know I just love synchronicity! I love it when things start to unfold before my eyes and I see all the interconnections of events taking place in my life. It is like a concrete representation of PERFECT TIMING! Today I logged onto Twitter and saw a tweet by @ArtVisions. She mentioned she was participating in a book club of sorts. The group is reading “The Joy Diet” by Martha Beck. Jamie Ridler’s blog The Next Chapter: The Joy Diet is hosting this book group. Blog members just started reading the book this week. I bought it and I am going to join in the fun. I really NEED some joy right now!

Actually, I want to rephrase this. I need to SEE the joy in my life right now. Yes, believe it or not, I do have a lot of things for which to be thankful and I have things that bring me bliss every day. I am just not paying attention. This is where the synchronicity stuff comes into play. I was already thinking about this when I started my “Me Bootcamp”. If you read this blog, you know all kinds of stuff started happening to me right after I declared this effort. Ironically for a little over a month now, I have been experiencing the whirling tailspin of sadness, frustration, and depression. Needless to say, this is a drag. It feels terrible. However, I have been so determined in the past couple of weeks to fight the fight and turn my attitude around.

This week we had open house at my job. I had guests in the art studio. Some of them were small children running around ooooing and ahhhing at the art. I joined them and scurried around giggling and being silly. Kids love me. It must be something about my personality. By the end of the visit, these kids were hugging and holding onto me. They think I am a strange, crazy, fun, oldish lady. After they left, I realized how I felt so happy when we were playing together. I felt myself smiling and laughing. I was actually aware of the feeling of joy.

So much of my life is filled with feelings of delight and well being. Not acknowledging these feelings is my own fault. If you have ever been a “moody” person, you might understand. Once a negative mood takes hold, it is almost as if we spend energy keeping the gray clouds positioned directly over our heads. This is why depression is so tiring. I realize this about myself. I have to retrain myself to let these blue moods go and become cognizant of all the great things happening to me right now, every moment, every day. I am really going to try to do this! I think this book will help give me a running start. We will see!

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Sheree Rensel
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Debbie Lamey-MacDonald said...

Wishing you joyful days ahead Sheree! You deserve them. Nice to join in with a group with a common purpose :D Enjoy!

gilda said...

Here's to JOY!

Karen D said...

looking forward to journeying through "The Joy Diet" with you and our fellow dieters.

sherry ♥ lee said...

That's really it..."seeing" the's there, all the time and joy and gratitude are different things. Looking forward to looking for and seeing the joy on this diet we're sharing!

namastenancy said...

I find that playing Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from his 9th Symphony really really LOUD can get me out of a rut.
Oh Joy Abounding! said...

You are so right I sit here feeling misery then I HAVE and WANT to go into school to a load of 6 yr olds and they love the Kandinsky I show them and they want to make circle blue birds and angel feathers and abstract paintings that make them laugh so we do and it makes me laugh.
If I am careful I canhold on to this and carry it thorugh into life but I have had to learn how to
Keep on being Joyous you are great Sheree!

becky n said...

My 4 yo grandson can get me out of a rut real fast - it's good to have reminders about how to just be and see and laugh sometimes.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you -