Saturday, October 17, 2009

Art Blog: Creativity Sans Paint

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” Nietzsche

Chapter 4 of the “The Joy Diet” by Martha Beck is about creativity. When I realized this was the next topic, I almost skipped the chapter. I have always been creative in everything I do. In fact, my life right now is the culmination of all my creative endeavors. Of course, my art is concrete proof of my creativity. However, I have CREATED my life as it is now. Therefore, I know the power I have to make things happen through thinking outside of the box, changing, rearranging, and making action plans.

When I began to read chapter four I became very uncomfortable. I realized I needed to link my creativity to the desires I have expressed via chapter three. I immediately thought: “This is too much too soon for me!!!” I have stated my primary desires as:
So what will it take for me to feel this way??? I nearly laughed out loud when I started to do the exercises suggested by Beck in the creativity chapter. One of them is to perseverate on my enemy. When I started to do this, I realized my worst enemy at the moment doesn’t value or appreciate me.

OH! A-HA! Bingo!!!

Ordinarily, I shut people like that out of my life. In this particular case, I can’t. At least, I cannot remove her from my routine at this moment. This is where I need to let my creative talents work for me and let them shine. I just have to think and find a way to change things around so I can surround myself with loving, caring people. This includes me. I need to create a new status quo so I can love myself again.

I need to remind myself of how to think big. I need to remember how to stretch my plans and think in new ways. Right now, I am in this little artist/art educator cardboard box and I feel myself clawing and scratching the sides of the container. I want out. But how can I do it???
This is exactly what Beck is referring to in this chapter. It is time to apply my creative skills to make the changes I need to make. I can think of many things to do, but they scare me. Ironically, the next chapter’s topic is RISK.
Double BINGO!!!!

Click pic for detail view
“Mind of the Artist”
Sheree Rensel
24” X 24”
Mixed Media
This is piece is my signature work. I love it and will never sell it. It is the epitome of what I want my work to say. MIND of the ARTIST. Now I have to use my artist’s mind to rearrange my art LIFE.


Jean said...

I LOVE your post, I LOVE your signature piece.

It is great to find other folks who are working through the book that keep finding that one more thing to connect it up, one more way to make it work, even if we doubt it.

I wish you luck in getting out of your box. The desire and creativity are obviously there - you will prevail.

Winsorandnewt said...

“Mind of the Artist” is a stunning piece Sheree!
It a divinatory card. Allowing the eyes to go out of focus ~ which is all to easy for me these days :) ~ it speaks volumes.

I'm sure all the answers are in here ~ some new questions too!

Thank you x

Lisa @sacred circle said...

I love this: "I need to remind myself of how to think big. I need to remember how to stretch my plans and think in new ways." I face the same challenge of thinking big... and living out of my BIGNESS! Here's to supporting one another on this journey...

namastenancy said...

Leslie Hall, over at BAAQ, has just written a great post on creativity. Maybe it's the time of the month or the phase of the moon? This reminds me of my favorite (or one of my favorite) quotes by Rollo May:
"Creativity is not merely the innocent spontaneity of our youth and childhood; it must also be married to the passion of the adult human being, which is a passion to live beyond one's death."

JafaBrit's Art said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to sell it it is fabulous.

becky n said...

I, too, was struck with the connection between desire and creativity! You're lucky - you got your aha much earlier along that I have - and hopefully that will serve you well! I'm just glad that I eventually got it. Makes me look forward to my days, each one, with such eagerness.

Love your insights and your painting!