Saturday, October 3, 2009

Art Blog: Pretty LIES

Just like the song “Last Time I Saw Richard” by Joni Mitchell, my life has been a series of pretty lies. There is some weird irony here. Just like the story the lyric tells, my first and best love was named Richard and we met in Detroit. I have always loved this song. Ironically, it has turned out to be my life story. It all came true. He was a good guy. He really was. In fact, he was the man I lost to my own stupidity. I don’t regret it. I needed to move on to new and higher adventures. I did just that. He went on to marry his “figure skater”. Just like the song goes on to say there have been many times I have sung these words to myself:

“Im gonna blow this damn candle out
I dont want nobody comin over to my table
I got nothing to talk to anybody about
All good dreamers pass this way some day
Hidin behind bottles in dark cafes”

Another part of the song that has always stayed with me and repeats in my head over and over is:

“You like roses and kisses and pretty men to tell you
All those pretty lies, pretty lies
When you gonna realize they’re only pretty lies
Only pretty lies, just pretty lies”

My Richard would tell me this all the time. He was right. I did. I left him and went on to get my pretty man who was a total jerk. However, the most troubling thing is I can’t blame any man for anything in my life. I have been single 90% of my life. Yet, I continue to uphold my pretty lies even without the men around. Yes. I lie to myself every day.

The second chapter of “The Joy Diet” is about truth. I set out to admit some of the LIES I tell myself. I picked one lie for each day of the past week:

1. LIE: It doesn’t really matter what I eat.
TRUTH: It matters immensely!
2. LIE: I get enough exercise just through daily routine.
3. LIE: My emotions are uncontrollable.
TRUTH: I’m can control feelings.
4. LIE: My spiritual habits are sufficient.
TRUTH: My spirit is withering.
5. LIE: I’m challenging my mind fully.
TRUTH: My mind is hungry.
6. LIE: I am stuck at my current job.
TRUTH: What I do is my choice.
7. LIE: I can see no future for me.
TRUTH: The future is yours Sheree.

These little confessions are just the tip of the iceberg. One thing I have accomplished this week while thinking about my own lies is that it is my own energy and force that creates my life. I can’t blame anything that happens to me on any other person. It is time to let all the pretty lies go away.
This is my life and that is the TRUTH.

Acrylic on Wood
19” X 15”
Click pic to see detailed view


Ellecubed said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with truth. I really loved how you broke down truth and lies.

Sheree Rensel said...

THANK YOU!!! :-)

Beverley Baird said...

I love how you shatter all your lies with some strong truths!
You have created a wonderful truth painting.
Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

Hello Sheree,
I love your painting, in my favourite colours, shades of blue and green. I really like how you went through each lie and answered and replaced each one with a new truth. Sometimes it just needs our attention and the truth just comes out! Angie :)

Helen said...

That's a really great post. I like how you answered each lie with a truth. Good idea! As I'm reading other people's posts I think I'm beginning to understand better why Martha has us examine painful truths. Thank you for sharing yours.

Lisa said...

Beautiful confessions! I love the whole idea that Martha presented about "response-ability vs/ responsibility." Indeed, we always have a choice, and it's up to us to make it! :)

Sheree Rensel said...

Actually, I painted "True" over ten years ago. I have always been in tune with many of the ideas presented in the Joy Diet. Thanks for reading my blog! :-)

Sheree Rensel said...

To be honest, I haven't even read the book YET. I bought the book from and it just came yesterday. I have been learning about the first chapters by reading stuff online. I will have to go read the "response-abilty/responibility" part you mention. I guess I already knew this from life experience. I am just starting to read the book now. I have to catch up!!

RJ said...

Some good things to think about; what is the truth in our lives? What I do is my choice-- this is a good thing to keep in mind!

BTW, I just had my MFA Thesis Show--

Sheree Rensel said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your M.F.A.!!! Fantastic!!! I will go check out your link right now!

Sheree Rensel said...

OK. Funny NOT! I went to your blog and read your post. I totally understand your point. I really do!!

I take my congratulations back. However, I will pat you on the back for writing about this "issue".