Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Blog: Sheree is so QUIET (?)


gilda said...

My sentiments, exactly!

Sheree Rensel said...

Hey Gild, my beautiful friend.

YEP. Sometimes we feel the need to just be QUIET. I felt that in regard to you when I watched your current vids. Sometimes we are talked out.

Personally, I have found this to be so bizarre. I have always been in the mood to write. Not now though. I just have to sit here and stew for a while. I am not sure what I think. When thoughts come to mind right now, they are so caustic or negative. I have even thought about quitting making art all together. This is beyond weird to me.

I remember being at a party in the Cass Corridor back in the '80s. This sculptor guy came up to me and told me he had decided to just stop making art. I looked at him with such a strange expression. I mean, "How could an artist give up making art?"

Well, it took more than twenty years but I get it right now. A running thread of thought is

"What is the point?" I know this is such an awful thought.

However, it was not helped at all when I watched your vid with the 8 foot hole in the backyard. When you asked him "Why?" He said he didn't know.

I feel that way right now too.

gild said...

i sent you an email