Monday, February 22, 2010

Art Blog: ART Trips

Yes, I am from the hippie generation. However when I say “art trips”, I am not talking about those kind of trips. I am speaking of not tripping over yourself. I was just sitting here thinking about how happy I am right now. It is so bizarre. I haven’t felt this way in a while and I guess it seems foreign. Like I said in the last post, things are going well despite all kinds of weird trials, tests, and turmoil. I made the decision to “just keep moving” and I am going forth to do what I do.

I am doing that now and I am happy because I feel like I am moving forward and making progress. Things are going well despite me and my tendency to worry about stupid stuff. LOL LOL LOL

Like I told you our next Git Outta My Face portrait show titled “Face It 5” has been organized and will open April 1, 2010. I am already so proud of this show. The five artists are spectacular, real, and great in my opinion. I cannot wait until the show opens. I know it will look oh so good! I know already my online “gallery” is going to be a great endeavor!

Day job wise:
I spent the past weekend creating the wackiest, most informative, and terrific lesson plans I could think of doing. This is why I have been known as a great teacher. I push things to the limit, create scenarios that make memories for the students, and all my lessons are very academically viable (I do the paperwork, believe me!) This week’s lessons are like events! It is going to be so much fun. We are going to make ooey, gooey goop, discuss the scientific properties of this substance, play with it, create with it, and then, describe and draw about it. I can’t wait to do these lessons. The students are going to freak out in a GOOD way! BTW, all the while I will be dressed in a “Cat in the Hat” costume. LOL Like I said, I take it to the limit!!!! LOL

Also, a dear friend has been emailing me giving me life advice. He has faith in me and I realize this. This will be all good. The cream rises to the top. I know this.

Therefore, I leave you with my piece “Last Gasp”. That is what it is really all about. If you read from the bottom left and go round and round, my honest thoughts about life are revealed. To put it bluntly, all I care about is that people remember I was here on earth and did a good job. Whatever that takes, so be it.

My best words to all of you are to remember:
There are people in this world that don’t respect art.
There are people in this world who don’t understand art.
There are people in this world who don’t think art is important.

Well…….WE know they are wrong! We just shouldn’t have doubts and let their issues cause us to trip over ourselves.

“Last Gasp”
Sheree Rensel
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namastenancy said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again. You know that I'm cheering you on, every step of the way. You are one tough, talented lady and while I certainly wish that the universe (or whatever) would stop throwing challenges your way, I know that you can and will over come them. I hope that's not too pollyanna-ish; you know that it comes from my heart.